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International Students are advised to plan their finances through institutions in their home country before coming to Canada, as they are not eligible to apply for the government student loan programs or loans through Canadian financial institutions.

International students face specific challenges when attending a program outside their home country, for example: obtaining a study permit, finances, academic writing and working in Anglo-dominant institutions, finding suitable accommodation, securing childcare, and sustaining oneself during the program.

Outside of these challenges, it is recommended that international students applying to a graduate program should have work experience in a field related to the program (including volunteer experience) and have a specific topic or area of interest in which their learning in the program can be applied (in their home country or other location).  Unless otherwise stated on the program website, the tuition rate is the same for domestic and international students.

Financial Assistance

Various forms of financial assistance are available for graduate students in Education. Admission to SFU does not imply financial support. Please note that because funding for all graduate students is not guaranteed by the Faculty of Education, the faculty stresses to all applicants, and particularly those from overseas, that they are responsible for supporting their graduate study at SFU for a minimum of two years and funding should be arranged before arriving in Canada.

Students must be able to provide for all living and education expenses during the length of their program. There is limited research-based funding for graduate programs in the Faculty of Education. 

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  • Sessional instructor postings: available positions are posted ~20 weeks before the start of term; some positions require a postgraduate degree or current enrollment in specific program(s).

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