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Department of Psychology
Robert C. Brown Hall 5246
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6

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Phone: 778-782-3354

List of Research Labs, Institutes, Facilities and Services

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Phone Number


Adolescent Health Lab
Connect Attachment Program
Dr. Marlene Moretti 778-782-4956 RCB 8314
Affective & Developmental Neuroscience Lab     RCB 4209
Animal Care Facility   778-782-4737  
Attention Laboratory Dr. Tom Spalek 778-782-5359 AQ 3138
Autism & Developmental Disorders Laboratory Dr. Grace Iarocci 778-782-6746 RCB 5213/5214
Behavioural Neuroendocrinology Lab Dr. Neil Watson 778-782-7656 TASC 8522
Behavioural Neuroendocrinology - Wetlab Dr. Neil Watson   K 9625/9627
Clinical Psychology Centre   778-782-4720 SWH 9044
Close Relationships Research Lab Dr. Rebecca Cobb 778-782-7155 RCB 5217
Cognitive Aging Lab Dr. Wendy Thornton 778-782-7619 RCB 6201
Cognitive Science Laboratory Dr. Mark Blair      RCB 7405/7406
Co-Op Program - Arts and Social Sciences 778-782-5839 AQ 6203
CORTECH Lab Dr. Molly Cairncross 778 782-7458 RCB 7321
Culture and Development Lab Dr. Tanya Broesch 778-782-9680 RCB 5224
Douglas Research Lab Dr. Kevin Douglas 778-782-7239 RCB 5227
Early Social Development Group Dr. Jeremy Carpendale   RCB 4307/4307A
Eyewitness Memory Lab Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald 778-782-7108 RCB 7206
Fouladi Measurement & Modelling Lab Dr. Rachel Fouladi   RCB 5114/5116
Helping and Happiness Lab Dr. Lara Aknin 778-782-9838 AQ 3135
History of Psychology Lab     RCB 5102
Human Brain Research Laboratory   604-444-3773 x2238 DSRF
Human Electrophysiology Laboratory Dr. John McDonald   RCB 4211/4216
Human Neuropsychology Laboratory Dr. Allen Thornton   RCB 4220
Institute for the Reduction of Youth Violence Dr, Robert McMahon 778-782-9031 RCB 7220.1
Intergroup Relations & Social Justice Lab Dr. Stephen Wright 778-782-4234 AQ 3126
Institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology      
Liaison Librarian Yolanda Koscielski 778-782-3315 LIB 5009
Mental Health, Law & Policy Institute Kevin Douglas 604-731-3536
RCB 7206
MHLPI Publication Orders      
Microcomputer Laboratory     RCB 5201
Personality & Emotion Research Lab
Dr. Alex Chapman
SWH 9056/9058/9060
Personality & Emotion Research Lab - Office
Dr. Alex Chapman 778-782-5590 RCB 5306
Psychological Foundations Lab
Dr. Tim Racine 778-782-6958 RCB 4303
Psychology IT Help Line PSYC IT Team 778-782-8774
Psychology Methods Consulting Group Dr. Matthew Sigal 778-782-5873 RCB 6155
Research Participation System and Subject Pool (RPS Coordinator) Iris Lee
778-782-4091 RCB 5255
Rhythms Laboratory – Microscopy & Student Office Dr. Ralph Mistlberger 778-782-6613 AQ 3138.2
Rhythms Laboratory – Wetlab Dr. Ralph Mistlberger 778-782-5906 TASC2 8522
Spalek Simulator Lab Dr. Tom Spalek 778-782-7696 RCB 7202
Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychological Science Lab Dr. Kathleen Slaney   RCB 5101
SECURE Lab (Singlehood Experiences and Complexities underlying Relatioships) Dr. Yuthika Girme
778-782-4701 AQ 3110
Translational Neuroscience Lab Dr. Brianne Kent 778-782-8165 TASC 8522
Sustainability, Identity and Social Change Lab Dr. Michael Schmitt 604-992-1066 AQ 3117
Vision Laboratory Dr. Richard Wright   RCB 4214
Weight and Eating Lab Dr. Shannon Zaitsoff 778-782-9022 RCB 5305