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Five FASS faculty members among eleven SFU professors named to Royal Society of Canada

November 22, 2021

Of SFU eleven inductees named to the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), five FASS faculty members have been named 2021 fellows. It is one of Canada's highest academic honours and the greatest number of SFU faculty elected to RSC in a one year.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to congratulate all new inductees from across our Faculty: Jasmina Arifovic (Economics), Catherine Dauvergne (International Studies), Murray Munro (Linguistics), Gerardo Otero (International Studies), and Betty Schellenberg (English) on being named 2021 fellows.  

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2021 Royal Society of Canada inductees from FASS:

Dr. Catherine Dauvergne, School for International Studies

An internationally recognized socio-legal scholar, Catherine Dauvergne’s feminist analyses have changed our perceptions of borders as places to contest human rights and citizenship.

Dr. Murray Munro, Department of Linguistics

Applied linguist Murray Munro refuted the assumption that successful speech learning is impossible in adulthood, with implications for psychology and language teaching.

Dr. Gerardo Otero, School for International Studies

A leading authority in development sociology and the political economy of food and agriculture, Gerardo Otero’s work informs global food-security policy and practice.

Dr.Betty Schellenberg, Department of English

An internationally recognized scholar of 18th century book history, Betty Schellenberg showcases women’s contributions to British literary culture and champions feminist literary scholarship.

Dr. Jasmina Arifovic, Department of Economics

A leading researcher in macroeconomics and behavioural economics, Jasmina Arifovic’s ground-breaking work in computational modelling and artificial intelligence helps explain the shortcoming of traditional economic models, furthering our understanding of financial markets and monetary policy.