Faculty of Education Profiles: 2020

Meet More Students in Education


  • Dawn Marsden is a master's student enrolled in Counselling Psychology focusing on Indigenous Knowledge.

  • Michelle's doctoral Education program is focused on Educational Leadership in Post-Secondary Contexts.

  • Lynda is a PhD graduate in the Faculty of Education. Her program looked at Educational Technology and Learning Design.

  • Kathryn is an EdD graduate in the Faculty of Education. Her program focused on Educational Leadership.

  • Yearin's research looks to support practitioners who work with Korean-Canadians who have a child with Autism.

  • Cristina is an EdD graduate in the Faculty of Education. Her main research interest is educational leadership.

  • Carolyn is a PhD student that is working towards changing the educational system and the education programs to help future generations with their education. (Graduate Entrance Scholarship)

  • Denise is a PhD student who is passionate in exploring holistic healing and transformation that have ensure the survival of Indigenous people throughout millennia. (BC Graduate Scholarship 2020, SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholarship, GPS Graduate Fellowship)

  • Carolina is a PhD student who is interested in learning how to transfer knowledge from her body to other bodies. (SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship)

  • Robline is examining how online interaction create challenges to from non-dominant cultures who are enrolled in post-secondary online education. (Graduate Dean Entrance Scholarship & NEIHR Network Doctoral Scholarship )

  • Kathleen PhD thesis looks toward picturebooks as rich sites for exploring more-than-human relationality through a queer worlding framework. (SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship)

  • Ki is a PhD student researching the relationship between media production education, media work cultures and systems of oppression. (SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship)

  • Steven is a PhD student researching how and why people change in their fundamental belief systems (i.e., political/religious ideologies) that result in violent behaviours. (SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholarship)

  • Jessamyn is a Counselling Psychology master’s student researching youth born of genocidal sexual violence during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda. (SSHRC CGS Masters Scholarship)

  • Camilla is a Counselling Psychology master’s student researching the development of the parent-child relationship within the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program. (SSHRC CGS Masters Scholarship)

  • Qiang is a Mathematics Education PhD student researching the multiple lenses of mathematics education. (Graduate Dean Entrance Scholarship)

  • Jessica is an Educational Psychology master’s student researching parental perceptions and attitudes towards adolescent substance use. (Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship)

  • Dr. Thrift has completed her Educational Psychology PhD from the Faculty of Education.

  • Dr. Olivia Kanna has earned her third Master's degree in Education, in Teaching English as an Additional Language.

  • Natalie's research focuses on accessible and inclusive education for students who are studying online with mental-health-related disabilities. (SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholarship)