" I came to SFU because of its strong applied math group and its wonderful committee"

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Nick Huang

June 11, 2024

Mathematics master's student in the Faculty of Science

Tell us a little about yourself, including what inspires you to learn and continue in your chosen field

I am a mathematics student that has always been passionate about both the theoretical perspectives of problems and how these ideas can help us solve practical issues.

Why did you choose to come to SFU?

I came to SFU because of its strong applied math group and its wonderful committee

How would you describe your research or your program to a family member?

I research how generative AI can be made more safe and reliable especially in the field of medical imaging

What three (3) keywords would you use to describe your research?

Generative Modelling, AI reliability, Medical Imaging

How have your courses, RA-ships, TA-ships, or non-academic school experiences contributed to your academic and/or professional development?

My courses teach me tools that I use everyday in my research, while TA-ing often gives me chance to explain my research to students who are interested, and simplify it in a way for anyone to understand, while relating it to what they are learning.

Have you been the recipient of any major or donor-funded awards? If so, please tell us which ones and a little about how the awards have impacted your studies and/or research



Contact Nick:zyh2@sfu.ca