Charles Scott

Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Education

Research Interests

Working on integrating theory and research into teaching practice (and vice versa) is an ongoing, dynamically reciprocating focus for me. My research interests include dialogue and its applications in developing learning relationships in educational settings. Relatedly, the development of theories and practices in contemplative inquiry and their applications in education is another area of investigation; my own contemplative practices are based in the Raja Yoga tradition. I am also interested in student narrative and the roles narrative plays in identity formation. My work is informed by the works and lives of Martin Buber, Heesoon Bai, Paulo Freire, Alfred North Whitehead, Carolyn Mamchur, Thomas Merton, Celeste Snowber, Ted Aoki, Michel Foucault, Charles Taylor, Laozi, Zhuangzi, and Tu Weiming.



Future courses may be subject to change.