Laura D'amico

Adjunct Professor,
Limited Term Lecturer
Faculty of Education

Research Interests

The development and study of systems for supporting and implementing educational improvement and reform, including: assessment infrastructures; learning technologies; professional development systems for teachers, principals, and university faculty; and relationships between researchers and practitioners.

Research Highlights

Beyond Lip­service: Investigating Teacher Educators’ Pursuit of Inclusive Practice during COVID­19 (SSHRC, September 2021-present)

Study of the impact of pandemic emergency teaching on teacher educators’ awareness of student needs generally, the impact of this awareness on their instructional design choices, and the effect of those choices on their students’ understanding of inclusive teaching practice. Data collection includes instructor questionnaires, student questionnaires and interviews with selected instructors to craft a multiple-case analysis of exemplary practice. (Co-PI)

Understanding Students’ Choice of Course Modality in Changing Times (SSHRC Small, March 2021-present)

Questionnaire study of the factors that affect student choices between enrolling in online or in person courses. Builds upon work conducted prior to COVID-19 to both explore the impact of pandemic remote teaching on these choices as well as incorporate new items to capture pedagogical preferences associated with online or in person teaching and logistical constraints on course choice. (Research collaborator)



This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.