Allan MacKinnon

Faculty of Education


After beginning his teaching career as the science teacher of a small elementary rural school in southern Alberta, Dr. Allan MacKinnon pursued graduate studies in science education at the University of Calgary and the University of British Columbia where he focused on reflective practice in constructivist pedagogy and inquiry teaching.
Dr. MacKinnon taught science education at the University of Toronto before joining the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University in 1990. Among his many roles and achievements at SFU, Dr. MacKinnon is known for his contribution to SFU's development initiatives in higher education in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Research Interests

Dr. MacKinnon's research interests lie in the areas of curriculum studies and learning theories, especially in the contexts of science education, environmental studies, history and philosophy of science, teacher education and continuing professional education, international development and continuing education.

Research Keywords

science education, teacher education, practicum, reflective practice

Research Highlights