Mark Fettes

Associate Professor
Associate Director, IERG
Academic Coordinator, MEd EP
Faculty of Education

Research Interests

Dr. Fettes was first drawn to education through his work with First Nations organizations around issues of language maintenance and revitalization. This in turn is related to his long-term interest in cultural diversity and intercultural communication, and particularly the management of multilingualism in a globalized world.

He has been involved with Esperanto for many years and have published numerous articles in and about the language. Currently Dr. Fettes is participating in a multidisciplinary European project on the linguistic aspects of mobility and inclusion.

Dr. Fettes' interest in Indigenous and intercultural education has also led to a long-term effort to understand the role of imagination in learning, teaching, and schooling. He has worked with teachers at all levels of the formal education system, with a focus on helping them find more imaginative and engaging ways of teaching the mainstream curriculum.

His most important contributions have been made in the context of community-based research projects focused on school district-First Nation partnerships and on ecological schooling. The theoretical side of this work explores the relationships between experience, language, imagination and community. 



This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.