Lorraine Wood-Gaines

Year Graduated: 2014
Program/Degree: MEd in Educational Psychology

"I have learned to look at things in a deeper, more analytical manner."

I am an instructor at a local university teaching office software and related subjects. Apart from my interest in and love of software, my other real interest is in learning, particularly anxiety and prior schooling experiences and how to deal effectively with these so that students truly enjoy the learning process.

What attracted you to come to SFU?

I was attracted to SFU by the Educational Psychology Masters program. I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology in Ontario some years ago but was never sure what I wanted to study at the master’s level. While checking out the offerings at various institutions, I read the Educational Psychology program description online. I realized it was a perfect fit with my interest in learning and psychology. No other program appealed to me as much. It also helped that SFU was located not too far from home and offered evening courses as I worked full-time and could not give that up.

Who is a faculty member you have enjoyed working with and why?

I have enjoyed working with Jeff SugarmanPhil Winnie, and Lucy Le Mare. These instructors have been instrumental in shaping my new knowledge. I have learned to look at things in a deeper, more analytical manner.

What inspires you to learn and to continue your education?

Simply put, I love learning. I use every experience to learn new things. I also like to tie in prior knowledge with new knowledge. I am constantly watching the world to find new learning experiences.

Is there anything else you wish to share?

I like the location and feel on the Burnaby campus. People here are friendly and approachable. It is easy to feel alone on a big campus, but that was never so at SFU.