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SFU’s Faculty of Education opens new Research Hub

June 24, 2019

The Faculty of Education’s new Research Hub is a centre of research and knowledge mobilization focused on creative, collaborative and interdisciplinary scholarship and associated programming.

“The Research Hub is a dynamic space for research activities,” said Susan O’Neill, incoming dean of the Faculty of Education.

“Within the newly renovated Faculty of Education building, the Research Hub strengthens research support across all three campuses and beyond through our connections to researchers and community partners locally, nationally and internationally.”   

A key design feature of the Research Hub is the variety of research activity zones for supporting research opportunities that are innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, technology-infused and community-engaged. Enabled by technology and creative design, the Research Hub’s activity zones are designed with furnishings that vary in scale, formality, enclosure and flexibility and are coupled with the necessary technology for supporting cutting-edge and responsive scholarship.

Faculty members and graduate students can utilize the Research Hub’s activity zones for planning, developing, implementing, analyzing and disseminating research with proximity to resources and support from the faculty's director of research, Cindy Xin, and research facilitator, Ching-Chiu Lin.

The Research Hub provides space for focused individual work as well as open spaces that encourage small and larger group collaborations combined with video conferencing for connecting with researchers across all three campuses and at other institutions and community-based locations around the world.