In the Media: August 2021

August 01, 2021

Media and publications featuring the Faculty of Education faculty, staff, and students in August 2021. 

Do university students want more online learning, post-pandemic? Here's what some chose before COVID-19 (August 16, 2021) 

Dr. Kevin O'Neill, Associate Professor, writes an article. 

"Many students undoubtedly experienced some benefits of online learning during the pandemic. But as we launch into new ways of teaching and learning post-pandemic, professors and administrators should resist making easy assumptions about what technological “progress” means or demands."

Students might be ready to embrace in-person post-pandemic learning: Report (August 18, 2021)

Dr. Kevin O'Neill, Associate Professor, is paraphrased. 

"In a recent study that examined student behaviour prior to the pandemic, O’Neill found that students chose the courses they would complete online strategically, and preferred to study in person for courses they needed more assistance in."

This back-to-school during COVID-19, bolster children’s mental and emotional well-being through play (August 23, 2021)

Dr. Kristiina Kumpulainen, Associate Professor, co-writes an article. 

"We are part of a growing global team of cross-discipline researchers considering how play and children’s lives have been affected during the pandemic. In our pilot research with five neighbourhood families in Eastern Canada, we found that while parents expressed concern about children’s missed school time, the children aged six to 12 were seeking creative ways to reclaim their former pandemic play lives through virtual sleepovers and Zoom neighbourhood ukulele lessons."