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Embracing Superdiversity in the Classroom and Beyond

June 09, 2022

Educational institutions traditionally shaped by colonial ideologies are working to incorporate and appreciate Indigenous knowledges and non-Eurocentric worldviews into their curricula. Educators and researchers are recognizing superdiversity as the norm—whether it be cultural, linguistic, neurological, socio-economic, gender, etc.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) Professor of Education Sara Florence Davidson (sgaan jaadgu san glans) is a Haida/settler scholar, writer and educator whose teaching and research focus on Indigenous pedagogies, literacies and stories. She has extensive experience working with students and teachers in diverse communities at all levels of education. In the classroom and in her scholarship, Davidson embraces all forms of diversity to create deep learning opportunities.

She recently co-wrote a book chapter, Diversity as the Norm: Teaching to and through superdiversity in postsecondary education Indigenous courses, (SFU computing ID required) published in Superdiversity in Teacher Education, with lead author and Professor in Teacher Education at the University of the Fraser Valley Nikki L. Yee. Davidson and Yee share perspectives on teaching mandatory post-secondary Indigenous education courses, in educational environments that are themselves superdiverse.

They explain there is no one pedagogical recipe that is going to support everyone, however, by offering insights from their own experiences as superdiverse educators, Davidson and Yee challenge readers to examine their own ideas of what it means to teach Indigenous education.

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