GDE Admission Exceptions

Exceptional Circumstances

Under exceptional circumstances, applicants not meeting the minimum requirements but having extensive professional experience may be considered for admission to a Graduate Diploma Program after evaluation of such experience.

Applications may be considered from:

  • those without a teaching certificate but who have a Bachelor's degree and significant teaching or leadership experience;
  • those with a GPA under 2.5 who can provide evidence of their potential to succeed in an academic graduate program.

Applicants may be offered conditional admission which will specify requirements and a limited time period within which these must be met.  The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies must approve any such admissions.

Using GDE credits to complete a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) at SFU

Teachers with a TQS Category Standard 4 wishing to complete a BGS may to able to use some or all the credits from this program towards an undergraduate degree.

Applicants in this category should note that:

  • They should not apply via the graduate on-line application system.
  • They must contact the Advanced Professional Studies office at least three weeks prior to the application deadline regarding admission as an undergraduate student.
  • Prority will be given to applicants taking the full program for graduate credit.


For further information on GDE admissions, contact the Advanced Professional Studies Office

Phone: 778-782-4892