Chart of Acceptable Courses

This chart does not include every eligible course at the institutions named, but provides a sampling of appropriate courses from British Columbia. These courses reflect current offerings – other courses may previously have been acceptable in satisfying the prerequisites.

  • The English prerequisites for admission at the elementary and secondary levels must include at least 3 units of English Literature. English Composition courses show as underlined on the chart e.g. CapU ENGL 100. A maximum of 3 units of English composition-based courses can be used.
  • The English prerequisite cannot be fulfilled by communications, technical, creative or business writing courses.
  • Professional Programs removed SFU ENGL 114 from the chart of acceptable courses in November 2018. Students that completed this course prior to summer 2019, will still be able to use the course for admission.
  • The laboratory science prerequisite (3 credits) must contain a lab component from an acceptable Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Physical Geography course (choose one column). SFU SCI 192 is a preferred course.
  • When a plus sign (+) is used on the chart all courses must be taken to meet the requirement e.g. LANG GEOG 1180+1190. 
  • We do not accept kinesiology courses towards the PDP elementary level lab science prerequisite.
  • Applicants to the French Module looking to complete courses in French should contact the PPS admissions office at to see what options are available.

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