Professional Development Program

Indigenous Perspectives Teacher Education Module (IPTEM)

IPTEM focuses on Indigenizing the curriculum, through the inclusion of Indigenous worldviews, knowledge and perspectives and increased awareness of colonizing behaviours and patterns. 


  • Grades: K-12
  • Based: SFU Burnaby Campus
  • School Experiences/Practica: throughout the Lower Mainland
  • Additional Requirements: letter of intent


Student teachers who have worked in or with Indigenous communities, are familiar with and have done work with Indigenous pedagogies and ways of being, or have an extensive academic background in Indigenous studies are encouraged to apply for this module.

This module will consider the role that educators—both Indigenous and non-Indigenous—play in decolonizing education and improving cross-cultural understandings. The IPTEM incorporates knowledge and resources available from local First Nations communities and Indigenous SFU faculty members.

IPTEM is not the only module which includes a focus on Indigenous Education. All SFU modules support student teachers in learning how to decolonize and indigenize their practice.  

Application Details

There is an application process for the IPTEM, and we typically receive more applications than there are seats available. Therefore, we cannot guarantee placement in the module for all who express interest in it.

If a student teacher is successful in their application for the IPTEM, they will be notified of their spot in the module at the time of admission into the program.

Note: IPTEM is only part of the 401/2 and 405 semesters, and not 400.



General Program Questions

For questions about the PDP program structure and its associated modules, contact the Teacher Education office.