Admissions Requirements

Eligible applicants are internationally-trained teachers with a valid evaluation letter from the Teacher Certification Branch (TCB) recommending them to complete the Professional Qualification Program (PQP) at SFU.

If you are interested in the PQP, you must first have your credentials evaluated by the TCB. Contact the TCB at 604-660-6060 and ask for an evaluation of your credentials to assess your suitability to teach in the British Columbia public school system. 

Note: there is an evaluation fee payable directly to the TCB.


  • Have completed all coursework required by the TCB (as per your evaluation letter).
  • Volunteered or worked in a BC classroom, working directly with students in the age range you wish to teach.
  • Established a relationship with a BC educator who would be willing to provide a recommendation to the PQP on your behalf via the online application system


Successful applicants are those who reflect knowledge of and interest in the BC school system as shown through evidence in their essay and interview. The quality of experience is valued over the quantity of experience. There is no minimum number of volunteer hours required; however, successful applicants have demonstrated long-term interaction with students in a BC classroom.

The following criteria are used to assess your volunteer experience:

  • Evidence of interest in and experience with students of school age.
  • Evidence of related talents and skills.
  • Evidence of leadership and/or initiative in these settings.
  • Evidence of teaching and learning.

To enhance your application through volunteer experience, you should:

  • Be proactive in understanding what is being taught and why it is being taught.
  • Ask your supervising teacher to mentor you during the volunteer experience.
  • Ask the teacher specific questions about the curriculum, planning, classroom management, instruction, assessment, and evaluation.
  • Become part of the classroom, helping groups of children and/or help children one-on-one with classroom work.
  • Volunteer to teach lessons (with permission from your supervising teacher).


All PQP applicants must also meet the SFU English language requirements. Both our program and the TCB recognize that English is the working language of most classrooms in BC. Teachers must be able to model the language for their students and communicate effectively with parents, administrators, fellow teachers and teaching support staff. As such, it is important that PQP applicants have a facility and ease with the English language in order to be successful in the program and the profession.