Program Structure

The Professional Qualification Program (PQP) is a 12-month, full-time program based at the SFU Surrey campus. It starts in January and runs every second year.  

The program incorporates practical experience and university coursework in approximately equal proportions. Participants are required to successfully complete practicum placements in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley and must be prepared to travel a distance to attend their school placements.

SEMESTER 1: EDUC 352/483 - Building on Reflective Practice/Curriculum Studies (January - March) 

During the first semester of the program, students take EDUC 352 (Building on Reflective Practice) and EDUC 483 (Designs for Learning: Curriculum Studies). In EDUC 352, various educational issues related to the caring for learners and the creation of learning communities are explored. Students spend time in educational settings exploring the importance of connected educational experiences for learners. In EDUC 483, students develop conceptual and technical skills through workshops, seminars, and directed and independent study. This course deals with human development and learning in the school. Stress will be placed on approaches to individualizing instruction and to integrating the curriculum in different subject areas.

SEMESTER 2: EDUC 401 - Introduction to Classroom Teaching (April - August)

During the second semester, students take EDUC 401 (Introduction to Classroom Teaching), a half-term of observation and experience in a BC school during which students work with a teacher selected by school authorities and appointed by SFU as a school associate. Students observe, teach, and participate in school routines and programs. Students will also take a minimum of one methodology course related to their grade/subject area. Additional courses as prescribed by the TCB evaluation may be required.

SEMESTER 3: EDUC 406 - Supervised Observation and Teaching (September - December)

This semester is referred to as EDUC 406 (Supervised Observation and Teaching). EDUC 406 is designed for those who need to meet BC certification requirements. It is a supervised orientation or teaching sequence of approximately 10-12 weeks in a B.C. public school. This practicum is designed as an opportunity to familiarize students and update their teaching skills.