Professional Development Program - French

French Language Requirement - DELF-DALF

In addition to the academic and admission requirements, all candidates applying to the Professional Development Program (PDP) French Module at SFU must demonstrate an appropriate level of French language competency.

Students are placed in practicums in one of the options of the French Module according to their academic preparation and their level of French.  The options are:

  • Elementary - French as a Second Language (FSL), also known as Core French
  • Secondary - FSL
  • Elementary - Immersion or Francophone Program
  • Secondary - Immersion or Francophone Program

PDP Admissions (English)

Information in French


Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF)
Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF)

For details on the exams please visit the SFU DELF-DALF Exam Center website.

Minimum requirements for admission to the PDP French Module at SFU

Program Diploma (minimum level)
Francophone Program (elementary or secondary)   DALF C1
Secondary Immersion DALF C1
Elementary Immersion DELF B2 or B1* (Tout public)
Elementary or Secondary FSL DELF B1 (Tout public)

These are the minimum requirements for admission to the PDP French Module at SFU. The minimum requirements for other universities or institutions may differ.  Please check with your institution.

Any level above the minimum is acceptable.  For example, for Elementary or Secondary FSL we accept: DELF B1, DELF B2 and DALF C1.

* Only for the DELF B1: for Elementary Immersion/Francophone, a minimum score of 15/25 is required in each component of the exam.

Do I need to take the DELF or the DALF?

  • In the secondary immersion programs and in the programme francophone (elementary and secondary), student-teachers typically teach all subjects in French. The minimum requirement is the DALF C1.
  • In the elementary immersion programs, student-teachers typically teach all subjects in French. The minimum requirement is the DELF B1 (with a minimum score of 15/25 in each component of the exam).
  • In the elementary and secondary Core French programs, student-teachers typically teach a French class and all other subjects in English. The minimum requirement is the DELF B1.
  • Still not sure?  Contact

DELF-DALF results

For candidates taking the exam at SFU, the results will be sent directly to the PDP Admissions office.

Candidates who already have a DELF or DALF must send a copy of their results or diploma to SFU OFFA at for verification. We may need to see the original, in which case you can bring or send it to the OFFA and it will be returned to you.

Candidates taking the exam at the Alliance française in Vancouver can authorize the exam center to send the results directly to the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affaires (OFFA) at SFU. In order to do this, candidates must send an email to Valentin Morin ( authorizing the exam center to send the results to SFU OFFA at

The results will automatically be sent to the PDP (or PLP) Admissions office. No admissions decision to the French Module are possible without the DELF-DALF results.

NOTE: It is recommended to take the DELF-DALF as early as possible to complete your application. There are 3 official DELF-DALF exam sessions (tout public) per year in Canada, generally in March, June and November but not all sessions or diplomas are offered at every examination centre.  Check the dates and make sure you take the exam in time to complete your program application. Candidates receive a certificate of their DELF-DALF exam results anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks after the exam.  The diplomas take about 6 months. 

DEADLINE for DELF-DALF exam results:

  • To receive an admission decision by the end of May, applicants should take the exam in November of the previous year or March of the same year
  • If you take the DELF-DALF exam in June, your application will be considered for the spots remaining after the first waves of admissions

Important notes

  • Proof of French-language proficiency

    All candidates including Francophones applying to the French Module must demonstrate an appropriate level of French language competency. If you are francophone and you completed all your postsecondary studies in French at a recognized Francophone or bilingual university or postsecondary institution and the transcripts are in French, please contact to verify your status regarding the DELF-DALF requirement (attach copies of your transcripts). 

    We reserve the right to request an interview or to require candidates to take or retake the DELF-DALF exam.

  • The DELF-DALF results are not indicative of your acceptance to the PDP (or PLP).

    Competency in French is only one of the admission requirements for the French Module. You must satisfy all requirements and submit a complete application.  Once the PDP or PLP Admissions Committee has made a decision regarding your file, an official letter with their final decision will be mailed to you.

    The results indicate your level of language competency in relation to the school placements in the French program. The results may show that you have achieved the level for elementary FSL and/or secondary FSL and/or elementary immersion and/or secondary immersion. If you are admitted, you will be offered a spot in a level only if you are eligible. For example, if you achieved the level of French for elementary FSL, you will only be offered a spot in that level if you meet all the academic and other requirements for elementary.