Three Minute Thesis

Why Participate?

Not only can you win some cash prizes, but the 3MT also helps you build professional skills, work with peers from other disciplines, and get noticed. Briefly speaking, it's a great way for graduate students to effectively explain their research in a language appropriate for a general audience.

Meet the 2024 SFU Finalists

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Learn More

  • Improve your presentation skills

  • Reframe your research

  • Share your work and make connections with other SFU graduate students

  • Hone your scholarship application skills 

  • Develop knowledge mobilization strategies for your research

  • Have an answer ready the next time a relative (or anyone) asks you “what do you study”?


Faculty Heats

  • An overall winner and runner up will be chosen to move forward to the university wide final. 
  • Prizes for faculty heats will vary according to each faculty:
    • $300–$400 for the winner
    • $100–$150 for the People's Choice prize 


  • 1st Place: $1,000
  • 2nd Place: $500
  • People's Choice: $250

Prepare Your 3MT


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