Three Minute Thesis

2021 SFU 3MT Winners

  • First Place: Em Lim, "Where Does Animal Pee Matter Most?"
  • Second Place: Erin Williams, "Syncope… With a Grain of Salt."
  • People's Choice: Nic Zilinski, "Mind Reading with Laser Beams." 

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2021 Finalists

First Place Winner:

Em Lim - Biology Master's student

Where Does Animal Pee Matter Most?

Second Place Winner:

Erin Williams - Science Master's student 

Syncope… With a Grain of Salt

Third Place Winner:

Nic Zilinski - Applied Sciences Master's student

Mind Reading with Laser Beams

Dasha Berezhnova - Political Science Master's student

Is Unofficial Diplomacy Real Diplomacy?

Kelli Finney - Linguistics PhD candidate

Negotiating Meaning in X̱aad Kíl (Northern Haida)

Fatima Jalali - Education PhD candidate

Land a Job

Giselle Liu - MFA candidate

Perception and Embodied Seeing: Our Eyes Will Adjust

Kristin Oliver - Archaeology Master's student

Fishing for Answers: Exploring the History of Salmon-Human Relationships at Kus-kus-sum (Courtenay River Estuary)

Cale Plut - School of Interactive Arts and Technology PhD candidate

Affective generative music in video games

Elena Sierra-Serrano - Archaeology PhD candidate

Re-thinking methods for skeletal age-at-death in forensic anthropology

Christina Van Wingerden - Education PhD candidate

Doctoral Students' Peer Belonging in a World of Social Distance and Isolation: Identifying Needs and Perceptions of Canvas as a Third Space

Laura Whelan -Sustainable Energy Engineering Master's student

Thermal Energy Storage for Residential Application

2020 Finalists

First Place Winner:

Elana Varner - Biological Sciences PhD student

A bumblebee nest-site roadmap: The saving grace of mouse pee?

Second Place Winner:

Milad Parpouchi - Health Sciences PhD student

Housing First

People's Choice Winner:

Kady Tishyadhigama - Health Sciences PhD student

Stop the Spread

Benjamin Aloi - School of Public Policy MPP student

Enhancing Consumer Choice and Competition in American Beer Markets: An Analysis of Vertical Restraints on Craft Brewer Entry and Growth

Tania Bakas - Education master's student

Lived Experiences of Perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda who have Engaged in Action-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation

Kari Gustafson - Educational Theory and Practice Philosophy of Education stream student

All kinds of orcs: Roleplaying games and collaborative, emergent storytelling

Corinne Henderson - Political Science master's student

Tones and topics: the role of gender and race in the media coverage of political candidates

Emma Jones - Archaeology master's student

Repossessing the Past: Chinook Archaeological Heritage and Stewardship at Tansy Point, Oregon

Aaron Thien - Biological Sciences master's student

How to Kill a Monster

2019 Finalists

First Place and People's Choice Winner:

Elana Varner - Biological Sciences master's student

Sex appeal of mouse pee safeguards wildlife

Saaed Ranjbar Alvar - Engineering Science PhD student

Privacy Preserving Face Detection

Second Place Winner:

Hannah Watkins - Biological Sciences master's student

Vitamin Pee for a Healthy Sea

Manpreet Kaur - Mechatronics Systems Engineering PhD student

3D Architecture Revolutionizes Robot Design

Emily Purcell - Archaeology master's student

Revealing Past Sts'ailes Landscapes Through the Microscope

Noortje de Weers - Linguistics PhD student

How Expectations and Biases Change How We Perceive Speech

Andrea Smit - Psychology PhD student

Illuminating Sleep in the Dark: The Relationship Between Electric Light and Sleep on Tanna Island, Vanuatu

2018 Finalists

Alison Butler - Public Policy master's student

Room to grow: Building better rental stock for Vancouver families

Allison Carter - Health Sciences doctoral student

Desires embraced: A critical analysis of sex, love, and relationships among women living with HIV

Shaun Fickling - Engineering Science doctoral student

Brain vital signs after concussions

Ankit Gupta - Interactive Arts and Technology doctoral student

How can wearable technology support self-management of Arthritis?

Danielle Hoefele - Biological Sciences master’s student

European fire ant foraging and communication

Michelle La - Sociology & Antrhopology master's student

Sneakerheads and their practices of trading

Brea McCauley - Archaeology master's student

Ritualized Finger Amputation in the Classic Maya

Gioachino Roberti - Earth Sciences doctoral student

Volcanoes in a changing climate

April Wang - Computing Sciences master’s student

How modern learning resources fail conversational programmers

Matthea Wiebe - Archaeology master's student

Exploring Neanderthal Fire-Starting technologies through microarchaeology

2017 Finalists

Gopa Caesar - Communication

The Lost Lore of Partition

Shera Fisk - Archaeology

The Differential Effects of Environmental Factors on Immature and Mature Bone Degradation: A Controlled Experiment Using Pig (Sus scrofa) Skeletal Remains

Maggie Cascadden - Resource & Environmental Management

Best Practices for Impact Benefit Agreements

Alexandra Kasper - Physics

Work-Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Molecular Machines

Vienna Chichi Lam - Criminology

Lacustrine Taphonomy: A Forensic Histological Examination of Skeletal Changes in a Freshwater Lake

Julia Mazurchuk - Public Policy

A Fragmented Net: Supporting At-Risk Families in BC

Alexandra Pulwicki - Earth Science

Tracking Snow on Glaciers

Emily Ross - Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Text Messaging to Help Support Heart Disease Patients Post-Discharge from the Hospital

Cecilia Sierra-Heredia - Health Sciences

Climate change, pollen and the development of asthma

Louise Thomas - Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Manual wheelchair stability and maneuverability with adjustments to seating configurations

Alexander Thumm - Urban Studies

Strategically Planning for Parking: The Case of Laneway Houses

David Yin - Engineering Science

Detection of Low Concentration Ammonia Gas Using Differential Laser Induced Fluorescence

2016 Finalists

Nezam Alavi - Engineering Science

Arm Rehabilitation Robotic System

Hannah Celinski - English

Reading Dance Technique through Technology

Travis Crowell - Archaeology

Follow the Shore: Refining Local Sea-Level Histories through Settlement Change in Waiatt and Kanish Bays, Quadra Island, BC

Lee Beavington - Education

Scientific Ethics and Outdoor Education

Heather Coatsworth - Biology

Going Viral: Can We Stop Dengue Transmission?

Amanmeet Garg - Engineering Science

Imaging Biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders

Mara Katz - Linguistics

Politeness Theory and a New Classification of English Speech Acts

Leah Kelley - Public Policy

Embodied Injustice: Policies to Address Self-Injury among Low-income women Aged 35–49 in Alberta

Alexandra Kitson - Interactive Arts and Technology

The Functional Significance of Vection

Daniel Peach - Biology

Floral Foraging Ecology of Mosquitoes

Kimberly Nickel - Education

Professional Goalkeeper: The Criminal Justice Practica Supervisor

Teresa Rosales Ramirez - Earth Sciences

Characterizing contamination risk in the surface/shallow subsurface zone due to spills of wastewater from shale gas activities

Aateka Shashank - Geography

Walkability in Metro Vancouver

Qinwen Yu - Communication

How Canada Views the Rise of China

2015 Finalists

Senay Cebioglu - Psychology

Becoming Human - Developing Self-Awareness

Karen Cochrane - Interactive Arts and Technology

Wearable Technology for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Emanuela Mileva - Linguistics

Getting to Know Your Patient - Talk in Alternative Medicine Sessions as a Blend of Mainstream Medicine and Psychotherapy

Thea Rutherford - Education

Wandering as Metaphor and Practice in Teaching and Learning

Jeremy Chiu - Mathematics

Thermoregulation of Swarming Honeybees

Amir Maravandi - Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Regenerative Shock Absorber

Antonia Musso - Biology

Building a Better Mouse Trap - Reduction of trap box neophobia in house mouse with use of urine derived semiochemicals

Laura Spake - Archaeology

Selecting an Appropriate Reference Population for Age Estimation of Juveniles in a Forensic Context

Evgeny Vinnik - Computing Science

Mobile Application to Detect Falls

Ming Hui Yu - Business Administration

Automated Generation of Classical Chinese Poetry

2014 Finalists

Bekka Brodie - Biology

Multi-modal Foraging and Communication in Blow Flies

Aviva Finkelstein - Archaeology

Trace Elements in Human Skeletal Remains:  Determining Place Origin Through Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF) Analysis

Allison Cornell - Biology

Predictive Cues and Fitness Consequences of Breeding Phenology

Vanessa Kong - Communication

Designing Better Public Washrooms for Our City

Honghua Li - Computing Science

Shape Compaction: 3D Shape Optimization for Space Saving

Irina Presnyakova - Linguistics

Vancouver English

Deanna Rexe - Education

The Political Economy of Tuition Policy Formation in Canada

Angie Natingor - Public Policy

Supporting Informal End-of-Life Caregivers in British Columbia

Pradeep Reddy Raamana - Biomedical Engineering

Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dominic Trevisan - Education

Adjustment Difficulties Among Undergraduates: The importance of Social Communication

2013 Finalists

Daniel Feuereissen - Interactive Arts and Technology

Active, User-generated Motion-Cueing Facilitates Self-Motion Perception (Vection) in Mediated Environments

Krystal Guo - Mathematics

Spectra of Digraphs

Mike Henrey - Engineering

Sticking in Space: Robots with gecko-inspired adhesive feet

Mary Ann Middleton - Earth Sciences

Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions

Michael Peabody - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Towards Improved Monitoring of Watershed Health Through Identification of Microbial Markers

Andrea Smit - Psychology

Chronotype and Academic Performance in University Students

Blake Byron Walker - Geography

Spatial-Temporal Dimensions of Violent Injury in Urban Environments

Shruti Menon - Engineering

Electronic Detection of Bacteria

Amin Nouri - Chemistry

Nanostructured Platinum Catalysts for Fuel Cells

Britta Ricker - Geography

Collecting and Geovisualizing Trauma Surveillance Data for Injury Prevention Using Mobile Computers in Cape Town, South Africa

Mina Soltangheis - Interactive Arts and Technology

Designing a time visualization for CZSaw a visual analytic tool

Nick Zap - Education

Making Sense of Nonsense