Three Minute Thesis

Winners: 2024

  • First Place: Erin Williams, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology
  • Runner Up: Soobin Yim, Biological Sciences
  • People's Choice: Sarah Aufrère, Earth Sciences
  • Judges Honourable Mention: Talha Usmani, Sustainable Energy Engineering

First Place

Name: Erin Williams
Program: Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (doctoral)
Title: The rhythm beneath the waves: the challenges of fainting during artistic swimming
Supervisor: Dr. Victoria Claydon

Runner Up

Name: Soobin Yim
Program: Biological Sciences (master’s)
Title: What’s your favourite drink? Mine’s water!
Supervisor: Dr. Jane Fowler

People's Choice

Name: Sarah Aufrère
Program: Earth Sciences (doctoral)
Title: A Volcanic Time Machine
Supervisor: Dr. Glyn Williams-Jones

Judges Honourable Mention

Name: Talha Usmani
Program: Sustainable Energy Engineering (master’s)
Title: Elastomeric Piston Seal Performance Assessment for High Pressure Direct Injection Systems
Supervisor: Dr. Gordon McTaggart-Cowan

2024 SFU 3MT Finalists

Name: Emmeline Hoogland
Program: Education (doctoral)
Title: Tales of (non) Trash Throwing Teenagers
Supervisor: Dr. Engida Gebre

Name: Mateen Ulhaq
Program: Master of Applied Science (MASc)
Title: Using AI to Compress Data
Supervisor: Dr. Ivan V. Bajić

Name: Vanja Vekic
Program: Linguistics (master’s)
Title: Harry Potter and the Existential There
Supervisor: Dr. Heather Bliss

Name: Thomasina Pidgeon
Program: Geography (master’s)
Title: VEHICLES:  transportation, precarious homes, or resistance…?
Supervisor: Dr. Nick Blomley

Name: Hannah Block
Program: Communications (master’s)
Title: Inside the Influence
Supervisor: Dr. Gary McCarron

Name: Ellery Procter
Program: Archaeology (master’s)
Title: Ancient DNA Analysis of Archaeological Salmon Remains to Understand Traditional Salmon Fishery of Lake Babine Nation People
Supervisor: Dr. Dongya Yang

Name: Nathan Collins
Program: Global Humanities (master’s)
Title: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry into Social Photography and the Subject
Supervisor: Dr. Alessandra Capperdoni

Name: Omar Nemir
Program: Sustainable Energy Engineering (master’s)
Title: Gas-Capturing surfaces: A potential game-changer to combat climate change
Supervisor: Dr. Sami Khan

Name: Olessya Akimenko
Program: Education (doctoral)
Title: Theorizing EAL teacher identity through intersectional lenses
Supervisor: Dr. Ena Lee

Name: Eva Ribbers
Program: Law and Forensic Psychology (doctoral)
Title: Preventing Wrongful Convictions by Educating the Gatekeeper
Supervisor: Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald