Funding and Awards

SFU offers a variety of funding opportunities for US and international graduate students.

Merit-based Awards

US and international students are eligible for select external awards and most
internal awards after they have been accepted into a graduate program.

Visit our awards timeline for a list of some of the major awards that are open to US and international students (the list only includes awards which are processed or paid through Simon Fraser University). Most awards are by departmental nomination. (See also our blog's list of external awards by application deadline, and ask your department about any discipline-specific funding opportunities.)

See: Scholarships & Awards for SFU grad students


Full-time international graduate students at SFU with valid study permits may accept part-time employment on any of our three campuses without obtaining a work permit. Eligible international students may also be able to work part-time off campus and to apply for co-op work permits. Details available from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and SFU's International Services for Students.

Graduate students can find meaningful employment opportunities in a variety of places at the university, from our tutorial system which gives graduate students valuable opportunities to gain teaching experience to research assistant jobs which provide practical lab experience, to co-op programs.

See: Employment Opportunities for Graduate Students

See also: Mitacs Accelerate (Grad-student led industrial research & development internships)

Financial Assistance

International students who are not Canadian citizens and who would require financial assistance must seek assistance in their country of origin before arrival in Canada. Many countries offer scholarships and loans for students studying graduate level programs. Please budget approximately $20,000 CAD per year for tuition and living expenses. (see Cost of Living).

International graduate students in high financial need are eligible to apply for bursaries* (non-repayable awards given to graduate students on the basis of demonstrated financial need) and the Work-Study program* (which provides part-time on-campus jobs for full-time graduate students based on the student's level of need).

*International students are required to demonstrate that they exhausted their own resources and must explain the circumstances that necessitate their application. Bursaries are considered supplementary funding and should not be treated as your primary source of funding. You should be aware that you may not be awarded a bursary every term and should plan accordingly.

See: SFU Financial Aid

US Student Funding

International Student Funding