Carolyn Mamchur

Professor Emeritus
Faculty of Education

Research Interests

Dr. Carolyn Mamchur's research has historically situated itself around creating meaningful relationships with students to enhance deep engagement in learning. The specific focus has been on narrative and Jungian archetypes.

Today, she has expanded her research to include interspecies communication as a means of increasing empathy and awareness. She finds herself asking the question “what knowledge best enables us to take care of ourselves, one another and the creatures that inhabit our planet?”

As a result, both her teaching and her research welcome a divergent, multi-faceted stance, welcoming ambiguity and a willingness to overturn assumptions. There is a tension in Dr. Mamchur's research which mistrusts linear cause and effect and which promotes questions resulting from inquiry as much as answers. Imbedded in all of her teaching and research is a strong emotional connection and trust that emotions accompany engagement of all kinds.



This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.