Cristiano Moura

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education

Research Interests

My research interests focus primarily on the ways that historical, philosophical and sociological approaches to science can be used to foster justice-centred science education in K-12 and teacher education contexts. Following this main focus, one of my current projects aims to interrogate the de-politicized character of the Nature of Science (NOS) in science education, proposing a re-politicization of it from a deeper intersection between NOS and students’ identities and subjectivities. Departing from this umbrella theme and drawing from STS (Science and Technology Studies), educational theory and the (Cultural) History of Science scholarships, I also have been reflecting on the boundaries of science education and on what the socio-political turn of science education might mean in a (post-pandemic) scenario of an acute global crisis on social and environmental spheres.

I am currently accepting new master’s and PhD Students.