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2019 Faculty and Staff Award Recipients

November 27, 2019

Faculty of Education Lifetime Achievement Award

The purpose of the this award is to recognize and honour a faculty or staff member who has “made a difference” in the faculty. This award provides special recognition to an individual who through their actions and contributions has provided dedicated and outstanding service over a sustained period of time and had a significant impact on faculty, staff and students.

2019 Recipient: Nancy Green

In 1994, Nancy started working at Simon Fraser University in a temporary capacity with various departments including the Faculty of Education. This led to a continuing position as the Secretary to the Director of Professional Programs in 1997, and she has served as the Assistant to the Associate Dean, Academic since Septmber 2013. Nancy has had a long and distinguished career providing support, service and leadership in various capacities within the Faculty. The list of her many achievements over the past 25 years is impressive and long, and her exceptional service and dedication are highly valued. She works consistently with positivity, care, respect, trustworthiness and goodwill. In particular, it is very clear by everything she does that Nancy understands "it's all about the people." She is gifted in letting us know that we matter and is often the first to celebrate our milestones or offer support during our difficulties. It is very hard to quantify the sustained impact that the actions of a person with strength of character have on a place. Nancy's contributions to a positive workplace ethos are felt every day throughout our Faculty.

Dean of Education Distinguished Service Award: Work Performance Award

This staff award recognizes exceptional performance that is consistently above and beyond the call of duty, and also recognizes efficiency and professionalism in serving faculty or students. 

2019 Recipient: Ching-Chiu Lin

Ching’s professional knowledge is top rate, her performance exceptional, and her dedication relentless. To say that she consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty serving faculty or students seems like an understatement. Her colleagues are in awe in Ching’s work ethics, professional skills, intellectual capacity, and expert knowledge.

Team Building Award

New this fall, this award is offered to recognize a staff or faculty member who demonstrates great effort to boost camaraderie amongst their colleagues by working to create a sense of community, collegiality, unity and fun. The nominee should demonstrate some or all of the following characteristics: enthusiasm and initiative with the goal of boosting morale and a sense of camaraderie amongst colleagues; extraordinary collegiality with other staff and faculty in Education, other SFU departments, students, and external contacts; exemplary effort to champion the goal of community building within our Faculty.

2019 Recipient: David Zheng

David was nominated for this award because he naturally boosts camaraderie amongst his colleagues and creates a sense of community, collegiality, unity and fun daily. His desire to make things better keeps him looking for ways to improve things. He is friendly, kind and respectful, treating everyone equally, and he knows everyone by name. He is well liked and respected, inside and outside of the Faculty. David focuses on changes we can make and what is going right. He is a voice for people and not afraid to be honest – questioning decisions and practices with the goal of making things better.

Award for Excellence in Scholarly Teaching

This award is offered to recognize and showcase excellence in scholarly teaching among faculty members, faculty associates and instructors in the Faculty of Education.

2019 Recipient: Dr. Sean Chorney

Dr. Chorney’s students undertake conceptual inquiry into mathematical problem solving while engaging in active problem solving and strengthening their personal problem-solving skills. EDUC 375 is a challenging course and Dr. Chorney found suitable approaches for the students, and in many cases helped in restoring an image of mathematics as a human activity. Students appreciated his flexibility. One student commented that Dr. Chorney was “the most-pure example of outstanding teaching, and I can only hope that I can be half as good of a teacher as he is”. Another felt “emboldened and excited” to begin their career knowing that they could make math as engaging for their students as he made it for them.

Award for Excellence in the Supervision of a Graduate Student Thesis

This award is offered to recognize and showcase excellence in graduate student supervision among tenure-track faculty members in the Faculty of Education. Normally, nominations will be made for the supervision of a thesis/dissertation defended in the previous two academic years.

2019 Recipient: Dr. Elina Birmingham

Dr. Birmingham supervised the doctoral work of Dominic Trevisan. In June 2019, he was awarded the Dean's Convocation Medal. Dominic produced a manuscript-based thesis, which included several published papers, and co-authored no fewer than six published papers with Dr. Birmingham. With the outstanding support that Dominic received from Dr. Birmingham in terms of mentorship into the academy, he secured a post-doctoral position at Yale University. There is no doubt that the quality of supervision significantly contributed to Dominic's success.   

Distinguished Contributions to Scholarship in Education

New in 2019, this award is offered to recognize and showcase distinguished contributions to scholarship made by faculty in the Faculty of Education. Nominees should have a demonstrated and sustained record of distinguished, exemplary accomplishments in their scholarly or creative work and/or innovation relative to their rank and stage of their career.

2019 Recipient: Dr. Özlem Sensoy

Dr. Sensoy’s career-long work has attended to issues of equity including curricular and pedagogical issues and conditions of inequity and how to remediate them. Her award-winning book has been adopted as a core text in teacher education and her work has been recognized in high ranking peer review circles. Dr. Sensoy's work also addresses indigeneity, and she has ensured that all her courses address colonialism and issues of representation and self-representation – long before our Faculty named these as commitments in our 5-year Plan. She has also written extensively and been interviewed about contemporary pop culture images of Indigenous peoples. Her work is centrally concerned with the priorities and values of both the Faculty of Education’s 5-Year Academic Plan and the University’s strategic objectives and emerging priorities of equity, diversity and inclusion. Dr. Sensoy has an exemplary record of scholarship and is recognized as an international leader in her field.

Members of the Awards Committee, 2019

Livia Poljak, Emerly Liu, Candice Chic, Nathalie Sinclair, Robert Mannery, Natalia Gajdamaschko (Chair)