Faculty of Education Convocation Celebration

October 07, 2022

Graduation is a special time for celebrating your achievements in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University as you walk the stage and transition from students to SFU Alumni, sharing this day with your nearest and dearest.  

"Dedicated to my ancestors:
We have seen the scars our Elders have endured for being resilient.
We have heard our Elders stories of struggles.
We have touched the hard-working hands and
Smelled the history of their regalia in the Balhats"

– Louise Lacerte, EdD in Culturally Inclusive Place-Based Education 

"I send my very best to the graduating class of 2022, may you all experience and invite opportunities of connection to self, community, and good health while in pursuit of all your professional and personal endeavors yet to come."  

– Katherine Mulski, EdD in Educational Practice

"Sometimes I will start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope to find it along the way." - Micheal Scott

Congratulations class of 2022! Wishing you you all the best of luck in this new chapter. 

– Ania Husak, Program Manager, Undergraduate Programs 

"Congratulations on the successful completion of your graduate degree! ! 

Your education is a powerful tool that is always with you, and we deeply appreciate being part of your learning journey.

I wish all of our graduates great success in their future endeavors!"  

– Lauren Barke, Program Manager, Graduate Programs 

Can’t attend in-person or want to watch virtually? Watch the ceremony via YouTube here