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What is a Faculty Associate?

Faculty Associates (FAs) are normally seconded teachers from school districts and are responsible for the supervision of student teachers during their school placements. FAs work with faculty members to develop module programs for individual and group instruction. They maintain effective liaison between SFU's Faculty of Education and the public schools.

Becoming a Faculty Associate

The Professional Development Program (PDP) at SFU is an established teacher education program with a distinguished reputation. Within PDP, members of faculty, seconded school district personnel and classroom teachers work collegially to create the highest quality educational experiences for student teachers.

 We are dedicated to the development of outstanding teachers—ethically responsible, competent professionals who are committed to preparing children to live as decent, informed, knowledgeable participants in a democratic and pluralistic society.

Professional Programs hires approximately 17-20 FAs annually. If you are interested in learning more about the position of Faculty Associate, you are welcome to attend the next FA Information Session.

For more information, contact:

Karen Hansen

Program Manager, Professional Programs

Phone: 778-782-4358
Email: karen_hansen@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8639

Information Session:

Date: September 28, 2019 
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
Location: Halpern 126, Burnaby campus

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General Responsibilities

Pairs of Faculty Associates have two primary responsibilities—the development of the module's program in partnership with a Faculty Member and the supervision of student teachers during their practicum assignments. Faculty Associates also provide individual and group instruction in exploring theory and practice with the students in their module. They are also responsible for maintaining effective liaison between the Faculty of Education and the public schools.
Faculty Associates are required to drive considerable distances as the program makes use of practicum placements throughout the lower mainland. The Faculty of Education welcomes applicants from a variety of backgrounds that reflect the diversity of Canadian society.

The Faculty Associate as Supervisor of Student Teachers

Supervision of student teachers during the practicum stages of the PDP (EDUC 401 and 405) is the shared responsibility of Faculty Associates and School Associates. The Faculty Associate assumes the role of mentor and guide, rather than inspector and judge. Under such supervisory guidance, student teachers are helped to take major steps in their professional development. Faculty Associates also provide an important liaison between the Faculty of Education and the public school system. They help to clarify the responsibilities of the School Associate who plays a pivotal role in the preparation of student teachers.
Faculty Associates visit schools regularly, deal with a range of challenging supervisory situations and develop open and collegial relationships with teachers and School Associates.