Pest Control

Even in urban environments or the mountain at Burnaby campus, you are likely to encounter some pests or wildlife.  In most cases, Residence and Housing will not agree to a room switch for a student due to pests. Examples of pests or wildlife that might be encountered while living in Residence (note this is not a complete list):

Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs are not harmful, rather are an unpleasant pest. Historically, SFU Residence and Housing has had a low rate of bed bug incidents. Bed bugs are, however, known to be found throughout the Greater Vancouver area and residents are advised to be vigilant and watch for possible signs of bed bugs in their room or common spaces throughout Residence.  SFU Residence and Housing takes all cases of potential bed bugs very seriously and we have developed treatment protocols to address the situation quickly and effectively. If you believe you have seen or experienced signs of bed bugs, please report it immediately as a maintenance request through the MyPlace@SFU.
  • Note that to best contain the issue, avoid the spread, and reduce the impact on the community, we do not move residents during the treatment. 


  • Ants are common in BC and come in various type.  Most are more of a nuisance than anything else.  Soap and water is the first and best defense to prevent ants from entering your home.  Simply spray the area where you see them with soap and water.  Remove any food sources, place food in airtight containers and submit a maintenance request.



  • Government of Canada Fact Sheet
  • Attracted by food source and damp conditions.  Place all food in airtight containers, keep countertops clean, ensure any spills are cleaned immediately and submit a maintenance request


  • Attracted to an easy food source, place all food in airtight containers and submit a maintenance request