Phase Two: New Residence Buildings

As part of SFU’s commitment to engage students and partnering with the community in learning, discovery, and community engagement, Phase 2 outlined in the Housing Master Plan, will play a significant role in community engagement, student citizenship, and student academic success. The Housing Master Plan outlines that Phase 2 will include a centrally located office suite which will be built to accommodate the Residence and Housing staff and centralize services for residents. The site for this new residence community is where Madge Hogarth House is currently located.


This new residence community will provide space for programming to promote and welcome students, provide lively, public spaces for all students, rooms for socializing, and flexible spaces for bringing the academic experience closer to the resident community experience will be a priority. This new residence community will be built with the same goals and objectives of the Housing Master Plan.

Each phase aims to:

  • Foster social integration and connectedness is a key factor in student academic success.
  • Provide students with modern, up-to-date residential spaces that have a unique sense-of-place and identity.
  • Create intercultural, inclusive and supportive environments that enable students to engage in experiential learning, community engagement, exemplary leadership and personal development.
  • Build strong neighborhoods that provide an environment for students and further assist in the creation of a strong connection to the greater SFU community for all students.
  • Provide safe and secure residence halls with amenities and support spaces that help to enhance student social and learning outcomes.
  • Create identifiable communities organized around dedicated open space and outdoor rooms for both organized and informal gatherings.
  • Explore ways to create space for, and connect commuter students to, the residence community.
  • Facilitate the engagement of the community outside residence through the use of flexible bookable common space and guest accommodations.

More space for residents  

In June 2018, SFU Residence and Housing temporarily moved the residence amenity space from Madge to Shell House until 2020 and then into the two new residence buildings where there will be large spaces for the entire residence community: multi-purpose room, interfaith, games, etc.

Madge Hogarth House

In June of 2018 Madge Hogarth House officially closed to prepare for construction of a new and improved residence community and centralized residence services which are outlined by the 2015 - 2035 Housing Master Plan. Madge Hogarth was SFU’s first residence built in 1965. The building’s rich history continues to be celebrated within the resident community. The Madge Hogarth House was named after a local benefactor, the widow of an iron-mining magnate from northern Ontario (from Dr. Hugh Johnston's book Radical Campus, 2005).