Accepting your offer  

How to accept and confirm your housing offer

  1. Log into MyPlace@SFU housing portal
  2. Choose Application from the options at the top
  3. Choose the Term for which you are confirming
  4. Follow the steps through the pages: Applications Status – Your Housing Offer etc.
  5. Read the Contract terms and Handbook in order to understand the conditions of your offer. This is a legal agreement (If you are under the age of 19 you will be asked to go through the process of designating a parent, guardian or custodian to review your contract before you can move to the next step)
  6. Read and accept the Privacy Disclosure Agreement and indicate your insurance coverage
  7. Select your Confirmation Payment and choose your Method of Payment
  8. Receive an email confirmation
Note: To accept and confirm your housing option you must accept the terms of the contract and make the non-refundable confirmation payment. Your confirmation payment will be applied towards your residence term fees.

Please refer to the cancellation policy located in the Residence Contract. If you make a confirmation payment and decide not to move into Residence.