Why Live In Residence

Welcome to SFU’s residences where the space you live in is shaped by the unique personalities and diverse community that lives here. When you choose to live in residence, you join a diverse community that encourages academic success, self-discovery and exploration.

Reason 1: Steps to class

Life of an SFU Student Resident:
Jose, Townhouse

Join Jose as he shares with you what a typical day in the life of a student resident is like, as he takes you through residences, campus and class. Your university experience starts HERE.

Reason 2: Your OWN Private Room

Room Tour:
Katlyn, East Towers

You read that correct! When you live in residence at SFU, your room is yours and only yours. That means no sharing - no roomies, no bunkmates, and no having to divide every square inch of your room with someone else. When you live on campus, you get to create your rooom however you like. PSA: Every fall we run our Coolest Rooms contest to see who has the best room in res. Don't miss out.

All Rooms Include: mini fridge, mirror, desk, chair, closet, bed, storage drawers, shelves

Reason 3: Access to all sorts of amenities

Life of an SFU Student Resident Athlete:
Alexia, Townhouses

Welcome to Alexia's world. A student athlete on the women's wrestling team. Watch Alexia as she takes you through the day in the life of a student athlete living at SFU's Burnaby campus. Take a tour of SFU campus through Alexia's eyes including a trip to the library, gym, and more. You Belong HERE.


What it's like to live in residence

Don't take it from us! At SFU Residence, we believe in creating a real-life, unfiltered and organic experience for our residents. We call it: For Students. By Students. About Students. See from personal experience, direct from the perspective of student residents and see what it's like to live in residences. Check out our Instagram and YouTube channels and never miss an experience. Learn everything you need to know about living on campus at SFU.

Reason 4: students who live in residence

Compared to students who commute, students who live in residence have...

Students who live in residence have:

- Greater Academic success
- Comfort
- Friends
- Higher GPA
- Higher Graduation


Students who live in Residence show higher GPAs and graduation and retention rates from 1st to 2nd year, have a greater sense of community, are more comfortable navigating the SFU campus and are more satisfied with the overall university experience. What's not to like about living in residences. Take a few minutes and find out which community is right for you.


Reason 5: You join a vibrant community

With over 2,300 undergraduate students (2,550+ overall), it's no wonder that SFU provides you with an opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life. Living in residences can be some of the best times in your life. From meeting new friends, to late night study session, to just hanging out, living in residences at SFU means your steps away from everything.


2,550+ students Graduate + Undergraduate student residents combined









Burnaby + Vancouver

Reason 6: Options, options, options

  • Gender-inclusive communities
  • Living learning communities
  • Graduate living communities
  • Single-gender communities
  • Family housing
  • Professional live-in staff



Graduate + Family Housing







Reason 7: We welcome students from all around the globe

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Scholarship students
  • Professional live in staff
  • International students
  • Student Athletes
  • Fraser International College
  • And more

Reason 8: As a student living in residence, you will have access to

  • Live-in student support staff
  • All you care to eat meal plan (open 24 hours September – April)
  • Programs that foster academic success and personal growth
  • A supportive and safe residence community
  • Quick access to SFU and FIC resources and supports
  • Student positions within Residence and Housing and Guest Accommodations
  • A community that helps you thrive and achieve academic and personal success

Reason 9: Residence Programs

As part of living in SFU Residence, students will have an opportunity to take part in various programs and initiatives focused on supporting their academic learning as well as their personal and social growth. While many of our programs are run by our Residence Life team, we collaborate frequently with Campus Partners, ensuring that residents are connecting with the resources available to them on campus while learning from topic experts, including our Multifaith Centre, Health Promotions Team, Campus Public Safety, and The Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office. While our programming changes year-to-year to meet the changing needs of our students, some programs and initiatives have previously included:

Learn about the different programs offered

Orientation and Transition

  • Community Meetings - focus on how to live in a community living environment and connecting with residents
  • Orientation events – focused on building connections between residents and exploring the local area – including sunset walks, field trips to local areas/attractions (Granville Island, Science World, etc.), and preparing for the start of the semester.
  • Building skills around living alone and/or away from friends and family (e.g., cooking lessons, how to do laundry, fire safety etc.)

Personal Health and Wellness

  • Yoga and fitness classes
  • Hiking
  • Learning about consent and how to party safely
  • Plant show and sustainability fair

Social and Community Connection

  • Talent shows
  • Movie nights
  • Tie-dye events
  • Spa nights
  • Bob Ross art time

Academic Learning and Transition

  • Residency and mindfulness of the course of the semester, particularly during midterms and finals
  • How to work effectively in groups for class project and how do use a professor or TA's office hours to support your learning
  • Creating sustainable practices with study habits and routines