SFU Residence has state-of-the art laundry rooms located in each of the building. Features include Value Add Centres across the residence buildings, faster response time from technicians, a refund system, an option to load your card online, and a downloadable mobile app to track your laundry cycle.

Your Laundry Card

Your Laundry card is like cash, it can be used by anyone. Please keep it safe.
  • Each card has a unique serial number on the back of the card
  • This number is not attached, associated or connected to anyone’s personal information
  • Take a picture of this serial number so you have it on your phone
  • Do not put a hole in your SparkleXpress Card. This will result in permanent damage to the cards programming and loss of funds

Sparkle Solutions Website Features 

Visit the website and login to your account to access the following features:

  • Check which machine is available 
  • Check the status of your laundry

Visit the website


Laundry Type Price
Cold wash $1.70 
Warm wash $1.80
Hot wash $1.90
Heavy soil wash $2.00
Dry (60 minutes) $1.70
Dry (top-up) $0.25

Options to load your laundry card

Option 1: Online

Prior to loading value, you will need to activate your Laundry Card by placing it on any of the Value Add Centres centres that are located in your residence laundry room or the main Residence and Housing Office in A1001. Any value purchased online will be downloaded to your card. You can load online or with your mobile device using a credit card or Interac. Please note, the minimum dollar value that can be loaded is $10.00 and the maximum total value on the SparkleXpress Card cannot exceed $60.00. Your credit card will be billed for that amount.

  • Login to:
  • Enter your 10 digit SparkleXpress card number located on the back of the card
  • Click on the purchase value tab at the top of the page
  • Select a Value to purchase then press proceed
  • The payment page will open, enter Credit Card payment information
  • Once completed you will be returned to and your value will show as pending
  • Return to the Value Add Centre, place SparkleXpress card on reader to transfer purchased value

For Step by Step instruction Download the guide for 
Using Sparkle Laundry Card Online (PDF)

Option 2: Value Add Centre (Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard)

  • Place your card into the SparkleXpress cardholder on the SparkleXpress Value Centre. Your card will be activated when it shows a zero balance
  • Select the amount you wish to add to your SparkleXpress card by pressing the value button. Each press will increase the amount by $10.00 up to a maximum of $60.00. Once desired amount is displayed press Enter, then tap or insert chip card through the terminal and follow instructions on the pin pad
  • Ensure your balance is updated before removing your card

Please note: You will need to place your laundry card on the Value Add Centre located in your residence laundry room or in the main Residence and Housing office located in A1001 to active your laundry card before loading the value on the card. Any online purchased Value will be downloaded from the Value Add Centre where the Laundry Card was initialized.

Important Information 

Information for account setup online

  • Once you have logged onto, you may enter the 10 digit Laundry card number found on the back of your card to access the account online. There is no personal information will be collected for account setup. Whether using a Visa Debit Card or Credit Card, the transaction is live and no information is stored anywhere. Please find the privacy policy for your information.

To monitor the laundry machine status online

  • You can check for machine availability from Sparkle Solutions LaundryView /SparkleXpress platform. You can also add your mobile number to your card and receive text message reminders that your laundry cycle has been completed. Please note that this process is optional for student who wants to receive notification. Please find the privacy policy for your information.
Lost card
  • If you lose your initial free laundry card, you will need to purchase a new card through one of the Debit/Credit Value Add center which allow for card dispensing.

To obtain a refund 

  • You should contact Sparkle directly as you would when reporting any machine malfunction. Once the issue has been verified (could take up to 24-hours) along with your laundry card number, the refund will be sent to the Value Add Centre and can be downloaded back onto the card. We recommend students to either take a photo of the card number on your cell phone, or auto save the laundry card when setup the account online.

Locations of machines


  • Shadbolt House - Laundry Room*
  • Barbara Rae House - Laundry Room 
  • Pauline Jewett House  - Laundry Room
  • Shell House - Laundry Room
  • Townhouse  - Laundry Room
  • Hamilton Hall - Laundry Room
  • McTaggart Cowan - Laundry Room
  • Charles Chang Innovation Centre - Laundry Room*

* The card loading system allows for Debit, Credit Card payment and a function of card dispensing for card purchase.

SparkleXpress card

For more information on the SparkleXpress card, please review the following guides: Introducing SparkleXpress (PDF)  and Saving Your Laundry Card (PDF).

Service Requests

Service requests can be submitted by email, phone, or the service app. Calls will be attended to within 48-hours from the time of request and 4 hours for emergencies.

Please download the Sparkle Service Request App to submit a service request. Alternatively, you can call 1-866-769-0680 with any service issues or email

Privacy notice

Please download and review the Sparkle Solutions Corp. Privacy Policy (PDF) before using the service.