Meal Plans

Dining Commons offers all-you-care-to-eat Meal Plans that provide a great value and convenience for students. Meal Plan purchases are open to all SFU and FIC students; however, residents living in the East, West and North towers, and Courtyard accommodations are required to purchase a Meal Plan.

To purchase a meal plan

Purchase a meal plan

Choose a Plan That is Right for You


  • Eat 7-days in the Dining Commons; all you care to eat + $450 Dining Dollars


  • Eat 7-days a week in the Dining Commons; all you care to eat


  • Eat 5-days a week in the Dining Commons; all you care to eat
  • Choose either Monday – Friday or Sunday – Thursday

Meal PLAN options

If you would like to purchase an optional Meal Plan or if you would like to upgrade your Basic 7 day Meal Plan: please make your purchase on the Housing Portal

After the 3rd week of classes, optional plans are prorated and can be purchased at the Residence and Housing office during office hours.

If you have a question about the Meal Plan offered, please visit the Dining Commons by Residence or visit the Residence and Housing office.

How to buy your meal PLAN

Students living in residence

  • Residents can add and pay for their optional Meal Plans directly to their Residence account through the Housing Portal - MyPlace@SFU. 
  • Required meal plans: Living in the East/West, NorthTowers, or Courtyard? You are on a required Meal Plan. 
    • You will be automatically set up on the 7 day basic plan.  Meal plan fees are due along with your residence fees.
    • You can add Dining Dollars on the Housing Portal - MyPlace@SFU at any time.
    • To downgrade to a 5-day plan, contact the Residence and Housing Front desk.
  • Optional meal plans: Living in McTaggart, Shell, Hamilton Hall or Townhouses? You are not required but can choose to sign up for a Meal Plan - MyPlace@SFU. Sign in and select 'meal plan'.
    • Payment is required before your meal plan will be active.
    • After the third week of classes, meal plans are prorated and can be purchased at the Residence and Housing front desk.
  • You can eat at the dining commons without a Meal Plan by paying the daily rate at the Dining Commons front door.

Students not living in residence

  • Purchase your Meal Plan through the Housing Portal - MyPlace@SFU until the end of the third week of the term. 
    • If you have not logged into the Housing portal before, you will need to register and create a log in
  • OR - you can sign up and purchase in person: visit the Residence and Housing office front desk with your Student ID and payment. 
  • After the third week of classes, meal plans are prorated and can be purchased directly from the Residence and Housing front desk. Payment is required to activate your Meal Plan.
  • You can eat at the Dining Commons without a Meal Plan by paying the daily rate at the Dining Commons front door. Daily rates can be found here

Non students

  • If you do not have a SFU ID/FIC ID card you will need to purchase your plan through the Dining Commons as they will need to create a card for you.
  • Payment is required with the submission of your form to activate your Meal Plan.

Meal plan policy  

  • Your SFU student ID card is required to access your Meal Plan at all times: you must present and swipe your card each time you enter the Dining Commons.
  • Your Meal Plan is non-transferable: you may not transfer your Meal Plan or Dining Dollars to another students' card
  • Dining Commons food is for personal consumption only.
  • Meal Plans are dine-in only. (Exceptions are avaialble for students with classes on other campuses - please check with Dining Commons team for details).
  • Meal Plans are purchased at the start of the term and valid until 1:00 PM the day following the last day of exams.
  • Students who purchase 'platinum' Meal Plans and have a Dining Dollar balance at the end of the semester can use the balance the following semester.
  • Payment is required before your Meal Plan will be active.
  • Meal Plans added after the 3rd week of the term are prorated.
  • Refunds are available up until November 1 for Fall term, March 1 for Spring term, or July 1 for the Summer term. Eligible refunds will be prorated weekly and amounts will be credited to your GOSFU student account.


Don't have a Meal Plan?

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