Meet Mansi


Mansi Patel - Graduate student SFU alumni

Mansi Patel recently graduated SFU with MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) in Interdisciplinary Studies from the School of Contemporary Arts in October 2021.
Our team got the opportunity to ask Mansi a few questions about her expereince while living in Residence at the Charles Chang Innovation Centre in downtown Vancouver.  

RH: What will you miss the most about living in residence?

  • Mansi Patel: Of the many things I miss the most would be the location, the beautiful view from the window looking out to the historic buildings, accessibility to local places, a 10 to 20  minute walk to beautiful places like Waterfront, Canada Place, Stanley Park, Lost Lagoon, just to name a few. I’ve had amazing experiences at midnight or early in the morning, checking out the astronomical phenomenon like meteorite showers at the Waterfront. These were immensely beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

RH:  What was your experience while living in Charles Chang Innovation Centre?

  • Mansi Patel: My experiences included many opportunities I came across during my stay at the residence but most importantly it was my friends that I gained throughout the journey. I was extremely lucky to have my roommate turn into an amazing friend over the course of our stay. I was always excited to spend time with her and get to know her more. We always had topics to talk about - as we were from different backgrounds and studied different courses, and really tried to understand each other’s expectations while living as roommates.  

RH:  What does community mean to you?

  • Mansi Patel: For me community is a feeling of togetherness. When things around me are good or bad, whether there are celebrations or failures, I lean on my friends, family, and neighbors, who were there for me when I needed love, support, and encouragement.

RH:  What is your favourite memory living in Charles Chang Innovation Center?

  • Mansi Patel: My favourite memory living at the residence is the surprise celebration hosted by my friends for the completion of my MFA Defense. They decorated my place and transformed the space! I would have never thought of such a beautiful surprise, and it too marked an end of my journey at the residence—so what better way to commemorate my success than with an unforgettable graduation party and bid farewell to my place.  

RH:  What is your one advice to new SFU residents moving in?

  • Mansi Patel: Be open to meeting new people and be kind to one another. Living away from family and stepping into a new world is not easy for anyone. Getting to know each other and building a community is the best part of a graduate student life.

Live in the heart of Vancouver, footsteps away from world renown attractions at SFU Residence and Housing at the Charles Chang Centre of Innovation. Join our community and make it your own.