Simon Fraser University has conducted an extensive asbestos survey whereby hazard analysis was performed to determine the presence and risk, if any, of asbestos on campus. Immediate hazards that existed have been dealt with and asbestos containing areas with a high potential for future disturbance have been identified for removal and a long term Asbestos Management program has been approved.

There is a possibility that asbestos containing materials (ACM) may not have been identified or labeled given the complexity of the university. It is the university's policy to sample materials prior to any disturbance if they are in question. Therefore, residence facilities must be contacted prior to any planned alterations. This means the language in your residence contract regarding use of only finishing nails to hang anything on the walls is meant to protect you from disturbing any ACM.

Asbestos containing materials are primarily found in living areas of Shell House:

  • Cementitious texture coatings on ceilings and as overspray above ceilings
  • Floor tiles – primarily circulation spaces and corridors
  • Asbestos board backing radiators
  • Drywall taping compound

ACM identification

Asbestos texture coatings are identified with either a red or black stylized “A” with a circular border, spaced at 15-foot intervals. Potentially, ACM areas may have been missed by the survey and may not be showing this symbol. To prevent accidental disturbance of ACM, residence facilities must be contacted. If you discover asbestos containing material which has been disturbed, immediately contact residence facilities.

Please Note: Asbestos in residence in its present condition poses no health threat to anyone as long as it is not disturbed (i.e. drilled into, cut or sanded)

Asbestos management

For more information regarding asbestos management on campus, please see SFU Environmental Health and Research Safety's Asbestos Management page.

Asbestos contact information

Residence Facilities: file a maintenance request via the MyPlace@SFU