New Residence Buildings

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is committed to engaging students and partnering with them in learning, discovery and community engagement. The University’s Strategic Plan emphasizes the need to help students gain practical experience, social aptitudes and civic understanding. With these guiding principles in mind, SFU's Residence and Housing Department engaged a consultant to create a Housing Master Plan which was completed in 2015. 

Master plan

The Master Plan outlines how SFU can achieve an intentional student community model with unit types and amenities appropriate for students in-residence, addressing various ages and year of study, and recommending spaces that provide opportunities for students to grow and develop through the housing system with options that appeal to their diverse needs.

The Plan is the result of an extensive consultation process with a variety of key University stakeholders including students, faculty, professional and student staff, University executives, and administrative staff. The planning process also included two web-based surveys sent to all SFU students in order to understand housing preferences and to determine a student housing demand analysis by unit type. Additionally, a student housing market survey for Surrey students was conducted in 2016.

Download the master plan: The master plan 2015 - 2035 (PDF)


The Plan describes five phases of new housing, services, and renovations on the Burnaby Mountain Campus. Upon completion, SFU can house approximately 10% of full-time students. Domestic and international first and second-year students will reside in traditional residence hall accommodations that focus on building strong student communities. Upper-year and graduate students will have a variety of unit type options that offer a progression of privacy and independence the longer they live in-residence. SFU has requested that UniverCity deliver low-end market housing for with families/dependents.   

Phase 2: New Residence buildings



  • Create a self-supporting and financially-sustainable housing operation.
  • Ensure the goals of student engagement, as well as SFU’s academic mission, are met.
  • Provide student housing, related amenities and/or learning facilities to recruit and retain high-performing students.
  • Identify areas for new student residential facilities and define the renovation, repurposing or replacement of existing facilities.
  • Ensure that all residences align with the principles of universal design and have accessible options for students with disabilities.
  • Identify potential locations of student commons and/or programming spaces that support a successful student experience.
  • Plan for the replacement of Louis Riel House and Madge Hogarth House.
  • Provide for a centralized office suite for all Residence and Housing administrative staff to improve internal departmental functions and services to students.
  • Develop a plan that aligns with the University’s goals of indigenization, internationalization and environmental sustainability.
  • Create opportunities to provide a home-away-from-home for commuter students to improve overall student engagement.