Room Stay

If you are staying in your current room and/or expecting the arrival of a new roommate, please refer to the information on this page. Utilize the cleaning guides we have created for each building. Make sure to clean your (shared) space to avoid the charges. The room stay instructions apply to all residents living in both the Burnaby and Vancouver residences

Cleaning must be completed by end of term, which is no later than December 21, 2021 by 12:00 PM /noon:

  • Make sure you clean and leave space for your new roommates and floormates in all of the shared spaces
  • Our facilities staff will inspect all shared space areas (including Townhouse shared spaces) on a to be determined date, generally the day after your roommate moves out
  • Our facilities staff will re-inspect all shared spaces (including Townhouse shared spaces) prior to the arrival of a new roommate on a to be determined date
  • Units must be cleaned to acceptable levels following each inspection or cleaning charges will be assessed to all occupants

Five steps for staying in room or arrival of new roommate

Step 1: Report maintenance issues

Avoid the charges: Make sure you fill out the form a few weeks before move out. Room inspections happen right after move out.

Any maintenance issues with your unit/room must be reported to our Residence Facilities team via a maintenance request through MyPlace@SFU

Step 2: Remove all garbage + recycle

Clean your (shared) space to avoid the cleaning charges.

Ensure your room and shared space (if living in Townhouses and SFU Residence at the Chang Centre) is free and clear of garbage. Anything left behind could result in a charge to you.

Download the garbage map: Garbage map (PDF)

Step 3: Clean Your (Shared) Space

Clean your (shared) space to avoid the cleaning fee.

Everyone's Responsibility is to clean their shared spaces including Bathroom, Kitchen, Fridge, Stove and Living Room.

Our maintenance staff will take photographs of any rooms that are left unclean, untidy, or damaged. Refer to the room condition/inventory form you completed when you moved in. Any damage or items needing repair will have been reported on this form and this will be the standard used to assess whether your room is left in the same condition it was received.

Downloadable Cleaning Checklists  

Step 4: Internet Access  

Leave all Shaw equipment in your room when you leave to avoid the replacement fee.

If you are room switching, your Shaw SFUResNet Wifi password and SSID will not be changing. Leave all Shaw equipment in your room when you leave, including modem, remote control, and all cords.



Step 5: Dining Hall Hours    

Stay informed on the Dining Hall and their hours of operations.  


To avoid the charges clean your (shared) space.

Type Fee
Lost key/lock change fee $170
Cleaning and damage fees (PDF) $125 average