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Pooria Arab - Second Year International Student

Pooria Arab is a second year international student. He started his journey at SFU in Fall 2019. He is working towards his double minor in Interactive Arts & Technology and Education. Our team got the opportunity to ask Pooria a few questions about his experience while living in Residence and below are his answers.

RH: Why did you choose SFU? What year are you? And what is your major?

  • Pooria Arab: SFU chose me. I got a full scholarship to SFU and moved from Iran to Canada. I started back in Fall 2019 as a BPK major. I’ve been here for 2 years and now doing a double minor in Interactive Arts & Technology and Education.

RH:  Why did you choose to live in residence?

  • Pooria Arab: As an International student being far away from my family and coming into a new culture, it made sense to join the residence community. Living with other students who shared the same experiences made me feel more comfortable being here. Also, being close to the campus, the dining hall, and the gym were important for me. Residence is also more affordable compared to other places I checked. Also, as a newcomer it can be tough finding a good place that you can trust. Also, I chose to live in residence to make new friends and I promised myself that I would meet at least someone new every day on residence. I met at least 2 new people everyday!

RH:  What is the best memory of living in residence so far?

  • Pooria Arab: I can’t pick one because I have lot of a good memories here. The events in Fall, in Shell basement were just on another level. The Karaoke nights we had with the people I met from Summit, first-year student events, and the trip to Granville Island were just super fun. The Late-night walks with friends around residence, drinking almond milk at 2:00 a.m. and getting a surprise birthday party at the dining hall, and the chats with different residents along the way are amongst the best memories I have.

RH: What is the one thing you will miss when you leave residence?

  • Pooria Arab: It will probably be all the fist-bumps with people I meet across the way to the dining commons or sharing meals with new groups of people or my existing group of friends. I would also miss the raccoons and giveaways of residence. But the one thing that I will miss the most when I leave residence is living on campus and all the friends and opportunities I created here!

RH: What challenged you while living in residence?

  • Pooria Arab: It was a little challenging to navigate around residence and the Burnaby campus in the beginning, but after getting lost and taking exploratory walks every day I managed to find my way around.

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