For all maintenance issues and concerns including: heating/cooling, water leak, asbestos, bed bugs, broken fridge handle, burnt out light bulb, extra cleaning, you must submit a maintenance request by visiting your MyPlace@SFU Housing Portal

How to submit a maintenance request  

  1. Go to MyPlace@SFU and log in with your housing ID number and housing password. On the top left side of the page, you will see Maintenance, click on it and follow the instructions provided
  2. When you click on Room Requests, the request will be identified as having originated from your room or suite (specific bedroom number if you live in Townhouses). This is to be used for reporting maintenance issues in your bedroom (SHR, MCH, Townhouses and Towers) or suite (HAM and SFU Residence at the Chang Centre)
  3. If you are reporting a maintenance issue for another room in your building, click on Shared Space Requests. You will then be able to select from a list of all the shared rooms in your building. If the room you are looking for does not appear on the list, please report the maintenance issue through Room Requests and note the room number in the description field of your request
When you submit the maintenance request through the online portal, it creates a record in our StarRez Room Maintenance module. Staff in the Residence Facilities Team review the new requests daily, then determine the appropriate response, and oversee any corrective action.

Please note:  

  • We make every effort to attend to all requests in a timely manner. Higher priority items are addressed first. If you are concerned that a particular high-priority request has not been addressed, please send an email to, including the submission date and nature of your original request
  • The various trades (carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc.) are qualified to do only the work in their area of expertise. If you report that a closet door is damaged, a light isn’t working and a faucet is dripping, we may need to send a carpenter, an electrician and a plumber to complete the required work. The various trades work independently from one another, so they will generally arrive at different times


When will a technician arrive?

  • Trades staff work Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Requests are attended to based on the urgency of the request.

Can I schedule when the work will be done?

  • No, we are unable to schedule specific windows of time for our trades staff to attend. Our trades staff are able to access your room if you aren’t there when you arrive so that they can complete the work, and will ensure the door is locked when they leave.

Why hasn’t anyone attended yet?

  • Our trades staff don’t just service our residence buildings, but also attend to issues all across SFU’s campuses. They do their best to attend to matters in a timely fashion, but the response time can vary depending on how many requests they are receiving.

Can I submit a request for a common space?

  • Yes, you can request maintenance for a common space, just make sure you write in the request that it is for a common space and please include the room number so we can direct the staff appropriately