Faculty of Education Heat Winners: 3 Minute Thesis

April 03, 2024
Last updated: April 18, 2024

The Faculty of Education's Graduate Studies is delighted to announce the results of the 2024 3MT: Faculty of Education Heat competition! 

We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Jeannie Kerr who served as the MC and to Drs. Pooja DharamshiAna Maria Navas Iannini and Cristiano Moura for their challenging work in ranking the participants based on specific criteria. We also wish to thank the audience for their participation in selecting the recipient of the People's Choice award!

Congratulations to Emmeline Hoogland and Olessya Akimenko who will be representing the Faculty in the 3MT SFU Finals! The finals will take place online and in-person at the Big Data Hub (ASB 10900) on April 4 from 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM.  

Massoumeh (Massi) Khaleghi Saraghein, Aylar Nash, Emmeline Hoogland and Olessya Akimenko

First Place Winner: Emmeline Hoogland
Program: PhD, Educational Technology and Learning Design
Supervisor: Dr. Engida Gebre

Topic: Family portraits from bud to bloom: (Hidden) dimensions of teenagers’ flowering relationship with Nature

"Coming from a Science Education and Communication background, it is useful to consider presenting something as complex as your research engagingly and understandably! It makes you think about what elements of your research are relevant and interesting to a broader audience. I wasn’t sure I could participate at first, as I haven’t started collecting data yet, but I am very happy I could." 

"One of my favourite moments of the Heat was when we had some time to talk when the jury was deliberating – as everyone there now knows a bit about your research. It was an honour to be both the winner and the people’s choice, as it felt like I could connect with the audience and the judges. For anyone thinking about participating in the future – just go for it and don’t overthink it! Even if you don’t want to participate, try and see if you can explain your research in 3 minutes or less – it makes talking to family and friends easier!"

Runner-Up: Olessya Akimenko
Program: PhD, Languages, Cultures & Literacies
Supervisor: Dr. Ena Lee

Topic: Discourses of EAL Teacher Identity: Stakeholder Perceptions in Canada

"I wasn't sure how I could condense my substantial doctoral study into just 3 minutes, but I'm thrilled to have succeeded in this challenging task. Being chosen as the runner-up is a great honour, considering the excellent presentations by others."

"My advice for future participants is to present as if speaking to a general audience. Make your talk interesting and understandable by simplifying it or adding humour and pop culture references. The 3MT competition not only helps you make your study accessible to all but also reignites your passion by offering a fresh perspective."

We would also like to congratulate and acknowledge the rest of the competitors for their impressive presentations as well.

Competitor: Aylar Nash
Program: PhD, Educational Psychology
Supervisors: Dr. Lucy LeMare and Dr. Elina Birmingham

Topic: User Experience Research in Canvas

Competitor: Massoumeh (Massi) Khaleghi Saraghein
Program: PhD, Langues, cultures et littératies (En Francais)
Supervisors: Dr. Danièle Moore and Dr. Geneviève Brisson

Topic: Teachers’ representation of their practices while using technology in classrooms: A multicase study in French as a second language classes in B.C., Canada