Why live in residence  

Welcome to SFU’s residences where the space you live in is shaped by the unique personalities and diverse community that lives here. When you choose to live in residence, you join a diverse community that encourages academic success, self-discovery and exploration.

Your university experience starts HERE.

SFU Residence and Housing provides a supportive and safe residence community. Join a living learning community with vibrant and diverse neighbours from across Canada and around the world. 

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Student Residents at a glance

More than 1,900 undergraduate and 150+ garduate student residents representing 70 countries in a community where everyone’s voice matters. Play an active role in shaping your journey. Get involved. The opportunities are endless. Pursue academics while exploring social and personal activities. Immerse yourself in both university and residence life.

Compared to students who commute, students who live in residence

  • Have higher GPAs
  • Have a greater academic success
  • Have higher graduation and retention rates from 1st to 2nd year
  • Are more comfortable with the campus environment and more satisfied with their university experience
  • Have a greater sense of community

SFU Residence and Housing offers

  • Gender-inclusive communities
  • Living learning communities
  • Graduate living communities
  • Single-gender communities
  • Study intensive communities
  • Professional live-in staff

As a student living in residence, you will have access to

  • Live-in student support staff
  • All you care to eat meal plan (open 24 hours September – April)
  • Programs that foster academic success and personal growth
  • A supportive and safe residence community
  • Quick access to SFU and FIC resources and supports
  • Student positions within Residence and Housing and Guest Accommodations
  • A community that helps you thrive and achieve academic and personal success

We welcome students from all around the globe

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Scholarship students
  • Professional live in staff
  • International students
  • Fraser International College
  • And more