Moving Out - Friday, August 17 by 12PM/Noon

We hope you had a great year and wish you all the best! Below is a list to help make your move out easy and stress free. Give yourself enough time so that you aren't rushing.


Pack a few weeks in advance. Tip: Dining Hall might have extra boxes for you to use

Read your cleaning instructions (listed on this page)

Give your new mailing address to family, SFU, & creditors.


Clean your room/shared space and make sure there are no damages

Know your move-out date. - Friday, August 17th 2018

Make your travel and storage arrangements accordingly

Make Sure You...

  1. Clean your room & make sure it’s damage-free  
  2. Lock your room door(s) and window(s)
  3. Hand in your keys & make sure to get yourself a key receipt (or drop keys in the after-hours key drop box at the office)
  4. *If you are remaining in the same room for the next term, you should NOT return your keys
  5. Click Here to Find out more information on other things to know

Garbage and Recycling. Avoid the Charges

  • ALL perishable foods MUST be taken with you or thrown out. ALL non-perishable foods must be taken with you or given to friends/foodbank - DO NOT leave these items in common areas. Here's some links to help:
  • Ensure your room and shared space (if living in Townhouses) is free and clear of garbage. Anything left behind could result in a charge to you.
  • Map of garbage, recycling & donation bins
  • Zero-Waste Information & Instructions

Return Your Keys.  Avoid the lock change charge of $155.00!

If you are moving out of residence or if you are moving to a different room in residence:

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve removed all your belongings, cleaned your room/apartment/suite, cleaned your fridge and locked your door, you need to drop your keys off with one of the front desk staff in the Residence Office.


  1. Please place your keys in an envelope with your name, building/room number, and your student I.D. (key envelopes are avaialble at the front desk)
  2. You can either personally hand your keys to a staff member in the Residence and Housing Office and ask for a receipt, OR, drop your keys in the after hours drop box (no receipt), located beside the office entry.
  3. Keep the receipt as proof of return. If you are charged for non-return of keys, and cannot produce a receipt verifying return, you will be responsible for paying the $155.00 lock change fee


  • Keys are due by 5:00pm on the day that you switch rooms.


  • You are remaining in the SAME room for the next term.  

Room damages and cleaning charges:

Our maintenance staff will take photographs of any rooms that are left unclean, untidy or damaged. Refer to the room condition/inventory form you completed when you moved in. Any damage or items needing repair will have been reported on this form and this will be the standard used to assess whether your room is left in the same condition it was received.

Mail Forwarding

  • Update your correspondents with your new mailing address
  • Arrange for mail forwarding through Canada Post. We cannot accept mail if you are no longer a resident.

Submit Maintenance Requests Before Move-Out Day

  • Please make sure that any maintenence issues with your unit/room are reported to our Residence Facilities team (via a maintenence request through the Housing Portal) BEFORE you move out.
  • This will help ensure that you do not get falsely charged for any room damage after we conduct a room inspection.

SHAW Equipment

  • Please leave all Shaw equipment in your room when you leave.  This includes the modem, remote control, and all cords. 
  • Please note that the replacement charge for these missing items is up to $300

Moving out of Townhouses? 

Check out this great '5 Step' video created by a few of your Townhouse CAs, which should help make your move-out go smoothly!

Please note that absolutely no storage of other students' belongings (students not assigned to your Townhouse) is allowed in the Townhouses during the Summer Term. If a townhouse unit is found in violation of this policy, all residents who are 'in-room' during the Summer Term will be charged the appropriate storage and/or cleaning fees.

Moving out of the Charles Chang Innovation Centre? 

Have a look at our quick Move-Out Guide and FAQ for information on how to return your keys and more move-out tips!

Other Things to Know

Check out our additional checklist of important information on how to move-out and how to make sure that you don't miss anything.

Got extra items you want to donate? 

Developmental Disabilities Association will have extra trucks to pick up items in the Townhouse area (by the recycling area near Kitimat House) if you want to donate during.

You can donate clothing items and non-breakable housewares such as sporting gear and electronics.  For a complete list of items that you can donate, please see their website at:

What's Open

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June - August | Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 9:00PM

Dining Hall:

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