Languages, Cultures and Literacies PhD


The Languages, Cultures and Literacies PhD program is offered in English or French language.

  • LCL studies (in English)
  • LCL studies (in French)

The LCL core courses in English and French are similar in content and structure. Students taking the LCL PhD programs in English or French take core courses in their separate streams. Students from both programs may study together in the LCL Seminar, which students take during their first and second years.

Faculty members from across the program may also collaborate in doctoral supervision.

The comparative details of the program are in the table below. Please refer to the program-specific pages for details on each stream of study.

  LCL (English)  LCL (French)

Year 1

Semester 1: fall

EDUC 923 (3)
EDUC 924 (3)
EDUC 927 (3) seminar A
EDUC925 (3)
EDUC 927 (3) seminar A

Year 1

Semester 2: spring

EDUC 925 (3)
EDUC 926 (3)
EDUC 927 (3) seminar A
EDUC 926 (3)
EDUC 927 (3) seminar A (suite)

Year 2

Semester 1: fall

(optional elective coursework as determined by committee
(in fall or spring of Y2) EDUC 983 (5) Comprehensive Exam
EDUC 928 seminar B
EDUC923 (3)
EDUC 928 seminar B

Year 2

Semester 2: spring

EDUC 983 (5) Comprehensive Exam
EDUC 928 seminar B (cont)
EDUC 924 (3)
EDUC 928 seminar B (suite)
Year 3 Candidacy/ Dissertation EDUC 983 (5) Examen de synthèse
EDUC 899 (15) Thèse de Doctorat

The ethos and focus of the Languages, Cultures and Literacies PhD. program aligns with the following:

  • Social justice in society and educational contexts
  • Equity, Indigeneity, and a Culture of Inquiry in line with the Faculty and University
  • Critical and qualitative approaches to educational research

* Please note that we are unable to admit students intending to do solely quantitative and/or experimental research.

Overlapping curricular themes: L, C and L

  • Languages in social and educational contexts: multi/plurilingualism/translanguaging pedagogy and practices
  • Culture, diversity and practices of equity and difference: communities of practice, language and power, intersectionality and identities
  • Literacies in local/global/institutional settings: academic literacies, adult and community  literacies, digital literacies

Students in the LCL program will have opportunities to:

  • participate in ongoing faculty research, communities of practice and scholarly activities
  • carry out independent and collaborative research
  • report on that research in public and academic venues
  • conduct their own research projects for their thesis

Who are our students?

Our students:

  • are committed to social justice and equity issues in education
  • have completed related Master’s level education with a research focus
  • have direct experience working in educational settings
  • are ready to actively participate in our research community

Advice and tips for the application process

  • in your letter of intent, please explain how your background and prospective research aligns with the program goals (Note: a full research proposal is not required at the application stage)
  • before applying, you may want to consult the profiles of LCL faculty members
  • where you find a good match in interests, consider contacting the faculty member by email to see if they are taking on new students for supervision
  • it is fine to mention prospective supervisors in your letter of intent
  • you do not need to have agreement from a potential supervisor before you apply; we only allocate supervisors to successful applicants after the admission process is completed
  • Start Term: Fall 2023 (September)
  • Applications Open: October 1, 2022
  • Applications Close: December 1, 2022
  • Tuition 2022/23*: $2,025.60/term
    *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.



Additional information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page as well as in the Student Calendar.