Teaching Languages in Global Contexts MEd - Fall 2022


The Master of Education (MEd) program in Teaching Languages in Global Contexts offers graduate students from around the world an exciting learning opportunity focused on language education. The program is designed for students from a range of educational backgrounds and is strengthened by the diverse experiences and perspectives each student brings.

The MEd TLGC is a cohort-based program and features a highly personalized graduate education experience (including academic and cultural support) and a strong learning community. It is a full-time 16-month intensive program that combines the theory of teaching and learning languages in a globalized world with a practical component of fieldwork (observations of teaching).

Ideally Suited For

The program is intended for students from a range of educational backgrounds and from different regions of the world who may or may not have prior experience teaching additional languages. 

Students may fit into one (or more) of these categories: 

  • hold a bachelor's degree in a related field such as BEd/BA with Language Education or Linguistics (majors/minors) with full-time language teaching experience
  • hold a bachelor's degree in a related field such as BEd/BA with Language Education or Linguistics (majors/minors) with limited language teaching experience (e.g. tutoring, teaching practicum)
  • hold a bachelor's degree with limited educational background in fields like Linguistics or Language Education and a minimum of 2 years full-time language teaching experience in either K-12 or adult public or private educational settings
  • hold a bachelor's degree in Education and a minimum of two years full-time teaching experience in areas other than language education

Program Comparison

Teaching Languages in Global Contexts MEd:

This is a full-time intensive program attended primarily by international students interested in additional language teaching. The program is completed in 16 months (4 terms). Courses are usually scheduled in the daytime. Course contents address globalized contexts of teaching additional languages. The program contains two fieldwork courses in which students observe teaching and learning in diverse Canadian classrooms at different levels. Although some teaching (mini-lessons) may be available during fieldwork, the intention of these experiences is to provide MEd students opportunities to explore various inquiry questions regarding language education in a variety of BC classroom contexts. Please note that while fieldwork courses enhance understandings of teaching and learning languages, they are not considered practicum experiences and an MEd in Teaching Languages in Global Contexts will not lead to teacher certification. Academic literacy and cultural adjustment student supports are offered throughout the duration of the program. Because of the additional support provided concurrently with course instruction, TLGC is a specialty fee program.

Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL) MEd:

Most students in the program are full-time teachers of English as an additional language in the Vancouver area. All courses are scheduled in the late afternoon/evenings. Since all students are experienced teachers, the program does not make provisions for Fieldwork courses. As most students also work full-time, most take one course per term and this affects core course scheduling. Course contents address globalized contexts of English as an International Language (EIL) education and attend more fully to ESL situations. Most students complete the program in six terms.

Why Choose SFU?

Simon Fraser University has an outstanding academic reputation. Over the past decade, we have consistently been ranked among Canada’s top comprehensive universities. We have three campuses in the Metro Vancouver area, serving over 35,000 students.

Located in the province of British Columbia, we enjoy one of the most favourable climates in Canada. Metro Vancouver, with a population of more than 2 million, is home to a diverse community of people who have settled here from all over the world.

SFU has a vibrant student population and many services for students:

The Faculty of Education provides particular support for MEd international students in the Teaching Languages in Global Context MEd:

  • Cultural assistant to ease the transition to life in BC
  • A dedicated pre-admission advisor working with the faculty coordinator to support potential applicants in assessing the relevance of the program for their educational goals.
  • A Faculty Coordinator available for academic advising
  • An academic literacy support person to help with the demands of reading and writing at the graduate level.
  • Location: SFU's Burnaby campus
  • Start Term: Fall 2022 (September)
  • End Term: Fall 2023 (December)
  • Applications Open: November 1, 2021
  • Application Status: Closed
  • Tuition 2021/22*: $6,000.00/term
    *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.


Missed an Information Session? Watch the video recording to learn more about the program.


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