Three Minute Thesis

Past Finalists: 2018

Watch the presentations by the 2018 SFU 3MT Finalists.

Alison Butler, Public Policy master's student

Room to grow: Building better rental stock for Vancouver families

Allison Carter, Health Sciences doctoral student

Desires embraced: A critical analysis of sex, love, and relationships among women living with HIV

Shaun Fickling, Engineering Science doctoral student

Brain vital signs after concussions

Ankit Gupta, Interactive Arts and Technology doctoral student

How can wearable technology support self-management of Arthritis?

Danielle Hoefele, Biological Sciences master’s student

European fire ant foraging and communication

Michelle LaSociology & Antrhopology master's student

Sneakerheads and their practices of trading

Brea McCauleyArchaeology master's student

Ritualized Finger Amputation in the Classic Maya

Gioachino RobertiEarth Sciences doctoral student

Volcanoes in a changing climate

April Wang, Computing Sciences master’s student

How modern learning resources fail conversational programmers

Matthea Wiebe, Archaeology master's student

Exploring Neanderthal Fire-Starting technologies through microarchaeology