Three Minute Thesis

Past Finalists: 2015

Watch the presentations by the 2015 SFU 3MT Finalists.

Senay Cebioglu, Psychology

Becoming Human - Developing Self-Awareness

Karen Cochrane, Interactive Arts and Technology

Wearable Technology for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Emanuela Mileva, Linguistics

Getting to Know Your Patient - Talk in Alternative Medicine Sessions as a Blend of Mainstream Medicine and Psychotherapy

Thea Rutherford, Education

Wandering as Metaphor and Practice in Teaching and Learning

Jeremy Chiu, Mathematics

Thermoregulation of Swarming Honeybees

Amir Maravandi. Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Regenerative Shock Absorber

Antonia Musso. Biology

Building a Better Mouse Trap - Reduction of trap box neophobia in house mouse with use of urine derived semiochemicals

Laura Spake, Archaeology

Selecting an Appropriate Reference Population for Age Estimation of Juveniles in a Forensic Context

Evgeny Vinnik, Computing Science

Mobile Application to Detect Falls

Ming Hui Yu, Business Administration

Automated Generation of Classical Chinese Poetry

Alexandra Kitson, Interactive Arts and Technology

The Functional Significance of Vection

Daniel Peach, Biology

Floral Foraging Ecology of Mosquitoes

Kimberly Nickel, Education

Professional Goalkeeper: The Criminal Justice Practica Supervisor

Teresa Rosales Ramirez, Earth Sciences

Characterizing contamination risk in the surface/shallow subsurface zone due to spills of wastewater from shale gas activities

Aateka Shashank, Geography

Walkability in Metro Vancouver

Qinwen Yu, Communication

How Canada Views the Rise of China