Three Minute Thesis

Past Finalists: 2019

  • First Place and People's Choice: Elana Varner, "Sex appeal of mouse pee safeguards wildlife"
  • Second Place: Hannah Watkins, "Vitamin Pee for a Healthy Sea"

First Place and People's Choice Winner

Elana Varner, Biological Sciences master's student

Sex appeal of mouse pee safeguards wildlife

Second Place Winner

Hannah Watkins, Biological Sciences master's student

Vitamin Pee for a Healthy Sea

Saaed Ranjbar Alvar, Engineering Science PhD student

Privacy Preserving Face Detection

Manpreet Kaur, Mechatronics Systems Engineering PhD student

3D Architecture Revolutionizes Robot Design

Emily Purcell, Archaeology master's student

Revealing Past Sts'ailes Landscapes Through the Microscope

Noortje de Weers, Linguistics PhD student

How Expectations and Biases Change How We Perceive Speech

Andrea Smit, Psychology PhD student

Illuminating Sleep in the Dark: The Relationship Between Electric Light and Sleep on Tanna Island, Vanuatu