Three Minute Thesis

Winners: 2023

  • First Place & People's Choice: Saif Nayani, PhD Biological Sciences
  • Runner Up: Yameena Naqvi, Master's of Sustainable Energy Engineering

First Place & People's Choice Winner

Name: Saif Nayani
Program: Master’s Biological Sciences
Title: How Moolissa got her groove back: Using microbes to solve a pesky pest problem
Supervisor: Dr. Gerhard Gries

Runner Up

Name: Yameena Naqvi
Program: Master's Sustainable Energy Engineering
Title: Ionic Liquid Systems for Hydrogen Compression in Refueling Stations
Supervisor: Dr. Gordon McTaggart-Cowan

2023 SFU 3MT Finalists

Name: Alex Vanderveen
Program: Master’s Counselling Psychology
Title: Affirming Counselling for Canadians who Identify as Queer
Supervisor: Dr. Sharalyn Jordan

Name: Benjamin Lartey
Program: Master’s Geography
Title: Privacy Ethics in Charitable Crowdsourcing
Supervisor: Dr. Valorie Crooks

Name: Damian Szymor-Pietrzak
Program: Master's Chemistry 
Title: From Corals to Medicines: Nature's Molecular Gifts
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Britton

Name: Dasha Gluhareva
Program: PhD Linguistics
Title: Dynamic assessment of non-native speech
Supervisor: Dr. Murray Munro

Name: Hannah Harrison
Program: PhD Geography
Title: Farting Lakes in the Arctic
Supervisor: Dr. Lance Lesack

Name: Hengameh Delbari
Program: Master's Sustainable Energy Engineering
Title: Injection and Ignition Characteristics of Gaseous Fuel Jets for Low-emission Engines 
Supervisor: Dr. Gordon McTaggart-Cowan

Name: Iris Yu
Program: Master’s Educational Psychology
Title: First-Year First-Generation Students' Experiences of Peer Mentoring in Canada
Supervisor: Dr. Lucy LeMare

Name: Jay Matsushiba
Program: Master's Geography
Title: Driving Trucks with Laser Vision - Real-time Mapping in the Wilderness
Supervisor: Dr. Nick Hedley

Name: Lucy Burns
Program: Master's Geography
Title: Microbes, Methane, and the Mackenzie
Supervisor: Dr. Lance Lesack

Name: Mariana Pinzon-Caicedo
Program: Master's Sociology
Title: Barking and Meowing in War Crime Trials
Supervisor: Dr. Cindy Patton