Three Minute Thesis

Past Finalists: 2017

Watch the presentations by the 2017 SFU 3MT Finalists.

Gopa Caesar, Communication

The Lost Lore of Partition

Shera Fisk, Archaeology

The Differential Effects of Environmental Factors on Immature and Mature Bone Degradation: A Controlled Experiment Using Pig (Sus scrofa) Skeletal Remains

Maggie Cascadden, Resource & Environmental Management

Best Practices for Impact Benefit Agreements

Alexandra Kasper, Physics

Work-Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Molecular Machines

Vienna Chichi Lam, Criminology

Lacustrine Taphonomy: A Forensic Histological Examination of Skeletal Changes in a Freshwater Lake

Michelle LaSociology & Antrhopology master's student

Sneakerheads and their practices of trading

Julia Mazurchuk, Public Policy

A Fragmented Net: Supporting At-Risk Families in BC

Alexandra Pulwicki, Earth Science

Tracking Snow on Glaciers

Emily Ross, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Text Messaging to Help Support Heart Disease Patients Post-Discharge from the Hospital

Cecilia Sierra-Heredia, Health Sciences

Climate change, pollen and the development of asthma

Louise Thomas, Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Manual wheelchair stability and maneuverability with adjustments to seating configurations

Alexander Thumm, Urban Studies

Strategically Planning for Parking: The Case of Laneway Houses

David Yin, Engineering Science

Detection of Low Concentration Ammonia Gas Using Differential Laser Induced Fluorescence